Easy Dessert Recipes: Welch’s Sparkling Jell-O and 3 Ingredient Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Bars

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 easy dessert recipes #shop

The Holidays are a special time where families make lots of fun foods and traditional holiday desserts.

 easy dessert recipes #shop

It’s great to have traditions, not only for our selves but also our kids. I think something like a special cookie or your families’ secret deviled eggs helps us all develop part of your families’ heritage and tradition. Something as simple as mom’s favorite fudge becomes part of who we are.

Kraft Baker's Coconut #shop

Yesterday the girls and I put together tow VERY easy dessert recipes that would be great additions to both yours and my holiday treats.

Baker's Chocolate #shop

Ohana made some yummy 3 Ingredient Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Bars that seriously take no more than 10 minutes (and that was with a 9 year old making them) and Lynn made some Welch’s Sparkling Jell-O in a fancy glass. If you like you could top them with whipped cream or Cool Whip for a fancy dessert.

 easy dessert recipes #shop

That morning I made the trip to Walmart (and btw 8:30 AM is a GREAT time to shop at Walmart during the holiday season!) and picked up my Bakers Coconut and Semisweet Chocolate as well as the Welch’s Sparkling Juice Cocktail and a box of Black Cherry Flavored Jell-O. (You can see my whole trip here on Google+).

 easy dessert recipes #shop

Then in the afternoon we put the treats together.

 easy dessert recipes #shop

The girls love to learn to cook and bake and easy recipes like this give them confidence in being able to do that. Letting go in the kitchen is a bit hard for me, but I am getting better and teaching them to safely use the kitchen in the process, it’s a win win!

 easy dessert recipes #shop

 Do you have an Holiday favorites that you make every year? Which do you look forward to the most? Leave us a message and share your favorite recipe if you like.

 easy dessert recipes #shop

Welch’s Sparkling Jell-O

  • 1 (1 1/3 ounce) box Jell-O gelatin in your favorite flavor (I used Black Cherry)
  • 1 cup Welch’s Sparkling Juice Cocktail (I used White Grape)
  • 1 cup boiling water


  1. Boil Water on stove top or microwave
  2. Stir boiling water into Jello until it is completely dissolved in a medium glass bowl
  3. Add Welch’s Sparkling Beverage, stir to combine
  4. Pour into 4 fancy glasses (we used wine glasses)
  5. Refrigerate at least 2 hours or until firm
  6. Serve plain or top with whipped cream or Cool Whip

Serves 4

 easy dessert recipes #shop

3 Ingredient Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Bars

  • 2 cups shredded sweetened Bakers coconut
  • 1/4 Cup plus 1 tsp (reserved) Virgin Coconut oil
  • 4 oz Melted bakers Semisweet Chocolate (*see note for melting)
  1. Prepare an 8×8 baking dish (or smaller if you want a thicker bar) with nonstick spray or line with parchment paper or wax paper (I recommend lining the dish, it makes removal MUCH easier, but if you don’t have it, just put the dish in a quick hot water bath after the bars have set and it will melt enough to pop out)
  2. Combine shredded sweetened Bakers coconut and 1/4 cup Virgin Coconut oil into a food processor (you could stir by hand)
  3. Pulse until combined, should take around 30 seconds
  4. Pour coconut mixture into prepared baking dish
  5. Press evenly into dish
  6. Add 1 tsp Virgin Coconut oil into Melted Chocolate and stir to combine
  7. Pour onto top of coconut mixture and spread evenly to cover
  8. Refrigerate for 1 hour or freeze for around 15 minutes.
  9. Cut into 16 small pieces
  10. I recommend storing in the refrigerator or freezer (not at room temp, as coconut oil is hard when cold and that is what keeps these together).
  11. Should keep a few weeks (if they last that long)

Makes up to 16 pieces

* to melt Baker’s Chocolate:
Break 4 oz of semi sweet Baker’s Chocolate up and place in a small to medium micro wave save bowl.
Microwave on high for 1 mnute
Remove and stir
Return to Microwave and heat on high for 20-30 seconds
Remove and stir
Repeat process until chocolate is melted
but be careful, not to burn.

 easy dessert recipes #shop



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