Are You a Cheap Date? 13 Frugal Date Ideas

Are-You-a-Cheap-Date--(1)We all need time to unwind with our spouse or significant others- even if you are on the tightest budget. It just replenishes our relationships and takes us back to when we first met.

Life is busy; take some time to get away with the one you love.

If you have kids a date night can automatically get expensive because of babysitting. If you don’t have a family member near by who is willing to watch them for a few hours I would recommend getting together with a friend that has kids and scheduling a monthly babysitting trade- this way you get some time away for free.

  1. Get Coffee or Tea- Go to a coffeehouse and grab a coffee and a goodie. If you don’t get the huge drink option this date can run you under $10 and a good hour or more of alone time.
  2. Trip to the Book Store/Library- Take a trip to the bookstore or library. Again, grab a coffee and treat then head to the travel section. Do some dreaming about your next vacation.
  3. Your own Backyard- Open a bottle of wine or your favorite drink, spread out some cheese and fruit and watch the stars!
  4. Get out, outside that is- go to the beach, river, public garden, or a local park, enjoy some fun in the sun.
  5. Cheap Night at Restaurants- I know in our area Rubio’s offers $1 fish taco night (it’s a Southern California thing!!). So I am sure there are other restaurants that offer “cheap item” nights- keep an eye out for offers in your area.
  6. Make a Pizza- and do it together. Pick out your favorite ingredients and decorate the toppings together.
  7. Dessert Only- have dinner at home and then go out for a yummy dessert at your favorite restaurant- make sure you feed each other.
  8. Hey Boo-Boo let’s have a Picnic- It’s fun to go all out for this one. Bring a blanket and basket of food. Make a gourmet spread with wine, cheese, fruit- then break out the fried chicken and potato salad- maybe end with some yummy cupcakes.
  9. Use the Entertainment Book – If you are looking to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant I recommend always using sites like  Groupon. With the these types of sites you get BOGO dinners. I like this not only for the discounts but because it can encourages you to try new places and order different foods.
  10. Free Museum Day- Here in San Diego Balboa Park offers free museum admission on certain days. Obviously this is a great deal. I would encourage you to see if there are any similar offers in your area.
  11. Stay in- 1. Rent a movie- I recommend Redbox. It is only $1.25 to rent a movie from them (and somtimes I even post free codes here on Frugal, Freebies and Deals). And 2. Make a “taste alike restaurant recipe” check out either Top Secret Recipes or CopyKat Recipes for some yummy ideas.
  12. Dollar Movie- Go to a dollar movie theater. Seriously- for $2 you can get some glorious time alone with your sweetie.
  13. Go out for Ice Cream- Make sure to sign up at both Baskin Robbins and Coldstone for your free birthday ice cream- if you do it’s basically four 1/2 price dates taken care of for the year.

What are YOUR favorite inexpensive date night ideas?

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