Using Competitors Coupons at Walmart

Using Competitors Coupons at WalmartDo you shop at Walmart?  It’s a great way to save because not only do they price match they also accept some competitor coupons.

Lots of your local groceries offer store coupons and you might be able to take those and use them at Walmart.

According to the Walmart website they accept competitor coupons for:

  • A specific item for a specified price, for example, $2.99
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price
  • Have a valid expiration date
  • Are acceptable in black and white

So if your local Target has Bird’s Eye Frozen Veggies on sale with a coupon for $.89 you can take that coupon to Walmart and buy the veggies for $.89.

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You can also use a buy one get one free coupon AS LONG as the price is listed on the competitor coupon.

Last thing, make sure to check for an expiration date!  There you go.. start clippin’.

Using Competitors Coupons at Walmart


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  1. Bonnie P says

    Walmart advertises that they will match compediters ads without having to bring the ad into the store. How does that work the match price is not on the shelves? Does the match price ring up at the register?

  2. MC says

    I handed a -$0.50/1 Target and -$0.50/1 MFQ got FREE Dishsoap last year I have also used IVC coupons from the Walgreens Monthly Books without issue works great thanks for the reminder!

  3. Nichole says

    They refuse to use competitors ads when I’ve asked. My mom coupons a little and they require to see an ad. Stores are not consistent with their policies.

  4. Sirocco says

    I had a coupon for milk and they said they would not match the milk coupon since they did not carry the same brand. You can have the ad in your phone or take it with you….. Then they can match it.

  5. Malinda Jackson says

    Okay for those asking about price matches.. NO you do not NOT need the ad (unless you are matching a very high quantity of 1 item), but you DO need to inform the cashier as to the price matches because we do not know all of them nor are we required if to automatically ring them up as such (on our own without you telling us) unless specifically directed by management to give everyone the price of a price match without being informed of it by the customer. As for competitors coupons, PLEASE, as a Walmart cashier, PLEASE give us the coupon for the competitor BEFORE we ring up and bag the item it is for, because we have to run it as a price over ride because we cannot scan the competitor coupons.

    Great article. It’s nice to see someone bringing to light our coupon policy that actually understands it. Might I suggest something else for the readers of this blog? PLEASE do NOT blame your cashier or get angry with him/her when YOUR coupon will not work.. it is NOT our fault that the floor associates forgot to remove the expired coupon from the product, nor can we over ride it by law because it is expired. Also, it is YOUR responsibility as the customer to know what your coupon says. If you do not get the correct item as described on the coupon, most Walmart’s have banned the practice of over riding the coupon. So please, take responsibility for what you purchase and your coupons and make sure you have the right item. Yes, I understand that sometimes a coupon just does not work even with the correct item and it is not expired.. those we are allowed to deal with.. but if you do not have the right items and/or your coupon is expired, that is NOT our fault. Thank you

  6. madeline says

    I went to Walmart and tried using the Target coupon which was $3.00 off 3 boxes of Bounce Sheet and they did not want to accept my coupon. The manager also informed me that they do not price match buy one get one free any more. I showed them the coupon policy and they were like we changing it soon.

  7. Laurel L. says

    I haven’t ever done the price match and competitor’s coupons before inside Walmart. I just use the manufacturer coupons. They are always having commercials on television about ad matching so it makes me wonder about that. Just a comment. Please don’t take it personally.

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