How to Get the Kids Pumped for Spring Cleaning

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spring-cleaning2It’s time for Spring Cleaning!

Okay… Okay, some of you might not be that excited. Sometimes big jobs can be overwhelming. But if you have the right help and the right products it might not see like SUCH a big deal.

One of the best ways to make spring cleaning go quickly is to work as a team. If you end up working on you own the job will take forever. But if everyone in the family pitches in it can seem like a breeze.

But how do you get the kids involved without the wining and complaining?

I think the key is to MAKE IT FUN! (or as least as fun as it can be.)



Ways to get the kids involved with spring cleaning

1. Get them involved with the process.  Kids LOVE to help but if you ask them to do a job on their own you may get kickback. So have them help you.

  • Get you heads together and make a spring cleaning list. What actually NEEDS to be done around the house?
  • Make a shopping list. Kids like to feel grown up, so make the list together and shop for the items. Put them in charge at the store and ensure you get everything.

Must-Have Items for the Annual Spring Clean (when cleaning with kids I like to use as many natural products as possible.)


Grab your Viva® towels Cottonelle®, and Scott® 1000 Toilet Paper at your local Walmart.

2. Get prepped. The night or morning before the big clean get organized.
3. Make it fun.

  • Maybe make teams (who can get done the fastest?)
  • Put the chores on a checklist or cards. Let everyone choose a chore (this way kids feel like they have choices)
  • Turn on music
  • Play games like who can sort the fastest (without making a mess, of course)

4. Don’t overwhelm them. Most kids are not focused enough to do chore for hours so break the list down and complete it over a few days.
5. Celebrate! When you are done for the day have a family reward. Go out for ice cream or take a hike together, grab a cheap movie rental and pop some corn.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore when you get everyone involved, have the right supplies like Viva®  Towels, which are strong and durable like cloth,available at Walmart and kick it up with some fun!

What are YOUR bit tips for getting through the Spring Clean?

Find Viva®, Cottonelle® and Scott® online:

Kimberly-Clark Family Care Walmart Website



Scott® 1000



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