How I Read Bestsellers on My Kindle for Free

How-I-ReadOk… so everyone and their grandma might already know this. But I didn’t and am pretty excited to share my news with you.

I love the library. Checking out books is super fun and the night after library day is pretty much the best since my kids have their noses in a book, and they’re not running around the house getting in trouble… yeah, you know.

Another part of the library I love is that its FREE! You can get all the books you want and not pay a dime, unless you, whoops, keep it a bit too long.

But did you know that some library loan eBooks? You might think, yeah I guess, but not the good stuff. Well, it IS the good stuff.

The other day I came across a book called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (which is awesome). I didn’t want to buy it yet so I went online to my library’s website to see if they had it.

They did, but a digital copy. “WHAT?” (I thought) “What is this new fangled thing?”.

I  checked it out and then I was forwarded to Amazon to download it to my Kindle (or iPhone in my case). Easy peasy. It was checked out for 14 days and when it was done it just expired on it’s own. No late fees.

Some of the books I found:

All of which will cost you way more on Amazon.


After this I tried to look on the site to see what else was available. But my library’s website was hard to search. After I figured out all you do is go through a site called Overdrive.

Make your account, enter you library card number and select your preferred library. Then you can search through the books, including new and best sellers.

The sites not perfect and I haven’t figured out yet if you can only show options available through your local branch (because not every branch has all the books). But there were a lot of choices.

Reading books on my phone has truly been great for me. It’s better than surfing the web or otherwise wasting time while waiting for your kids in the car line or other times you are stuck with nothing to do.

So make sure to check it out (get it?). Let me know what books you choose.


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  1. Judi Bigham says

    I think if you have a regular library card, all you need is to get the code from them to use their overdrive. I have been using this for about two years. I have read so many books that I might not have even looked at. What I hate is when I find a series that I want to read, my library didn’t get all the volumes, Might be missing the 2nd in the series, but have the rest. Darn!!!

  2. Amy says

    Usually you can suggest books for your library to purchase. Overdrive has an app for iPad/iPhone. Through it, you can select your library to easily search. I love Overdrive and my local libraries!

  3. Laura says

    I had the same problem with all libraries being displayed when I did searches. You can adjust this by going into your account -> settings -> then scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box next to “Use saved libraries filter by default”. This should do the trick! :)

  4. Bellen says

    In FL libraries are county wide and there are reciprocal borrowing privileges with neighboring counties so..I can check out all kinds of books from 3 counties. Can’t readily give you titles as I read so many different genres but I have found each county seems to specialize. After Christmas I’m going to be reading books by The Minimalists.

    Also, you can read over 100 different magazines on your device using either Zinio or Flicker thru the libraries. Saves a bundle.

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