Confession, I Secretly Cleaned Out My Kid’s Toybox.. and Other Parenting “Secrets”

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I have a confession..

I have secretly cleaned out my girls toybox.. and gotten rid of stuff.  I waited until they were out of the house and did it.

and all that stuff in the way bottom.. straight in the trash..

I have another..

I have vacuumed up legos.

I know.. I know..

What parenting confessions do you have?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. DJ says

    My kids would not drink water when they were little, they always wanted milk or juice so I placed a shiny container in the fridge and told them it was magic water…the fairy would come and fill it up every night so they would have more the next day…they “drank” it up. To this day they still drink more water than anything else and the magic water fairy was 13 years ago.

  2. colleen says

    I’ve done both the toy box and the legos one. I also kept an empty box for mcdonald’s chicken nuggets, then I made tyson nuggets for my son and stuck them in the mcdonald’s box. I told him it was mcdonald’s new recipe and he ate them right up. He’s such a picky eater!

  3. Amanda Starr says

    You’re lucky you can do that! My daughter knows EVERY little thing she has and if I got rid of anything there would be blonde girl apocalypse to deal with and trust me that is something I try to avoid at all cost!!

  4. Rosey says

    Of course I ‘m kidding.

    My secret confession involves toys too… I took MORE than half of my son’s toys out of his room and put them in the garage. I said I was going to trade them out from time to time w/the ones in his room, but hubby (yes, hubby) can’t stand them in the garage, and brings them in little by little. So I’ve been taking them here and there to donate. Our child is very fortunate and has just too many toys. It’s much more manageable now to keep his room clean, MUCH…

  5. Tammy S says

    When I buy clothes for my daughter, I never take the tags off. If she hasn’t worn them within two weeks of purchase. They disappear. I take them back to the store and get my money back. I figure if she hasn’t worn them during that two weeks, she didn’t really need them. :)

  6. says

    Ooh, careful when you throw away your kids’ toys and stuff. My husband used to keep all his 1970s Mego action figures in their boxes under his bed. Mom decided the boxes took up too much room and threw them away. Yep, they’d be worth a fortune today if she’d let him keep the boxes along with the figures. My mom let me keep my toys (although most of them don’t have the packaging), and I figure someday I’ll be able to supplement my retirement with them.

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