5 Places to Get a Full Workout for Free

Get-a-Full-WorkoutPersonally, I find working out at the gym very inconvenient. LOL.. it’s not the biggest reason I don’t do it, the fact is I have never really loved exercising. But it definitely falls in line for one of the reasons I don’t.

I also don’t thing that paying a monthly fee to a gym even keeps a lot of people going past January. So I went looking for some online options for working out for free.

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My husbands loves doing yoga, but finding the time for him to fit it in between family and work is almost impossible. So taking free, online yoga classes might really work, since you can do it anytime.

I found what I think are 5 YouTube channels that look to offer a variety of workout options, from beginner to advances that don’t require special equipment.

The only problem now is sticking with those workouts, so I have a few bonus tips for you for doing just that:

1. Schedule your workout: I know there are just something I do every.single.day. Make your work out be one of those things. You know when that will be best for you, but find a time and stick with it.
2. Get a buddy: I told you my hubby love to do yoga, but simply can’t find the time. You could do an at home workout with your spouse or kids.
3. Find a place in you home to do your workout: The beauty of the You Tube workouts is that you can take them anywhere on your smartphone. You just need a little space and maybe a bit of privacy. Love the outdoors? Take your workout outside in warmer weather.
4. Keep it simple: If you have never worked out before, don’t make too hard or expect too much. You probably are not going to love an hour work out 7 days a week at first. Keep it fast and at a beginner level. And try every other day to keep it manageable.
5. Keep a calendar: Visuals are a great way to stay on track. If a gold star motivates you, give yourself one as a reward.

And the 5 channels to get your at home (or anywhere) workout:

Good Health 24 by 7

Be Fit

Do Yoga With Me

Fitness Blender


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