Seven Simple Ways to Make De-Cluttering Fun

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Seven Simple Ways to Make De-Cluttering FunSo we all know that being organized saves us money, right? When we can find what we need we don’t spend money to re-buy the item. Plus you never know what items you’ll uncover that you can sell for cash! But organizing is not always the most enjoyable project, so here are seven ways to make it more fun!

1. Host a round robin organizing party. Organizing is always more fun with good friends who can talk you out of holding onto a bright, teal dress with an over-sized raffia style bow. Get a small group of friends together, start at your home and complete an organizing project. Then move to the next person’s home.

2. Throw a photo organizing party. Invite a small group of friends; have them each bring a bag of photos and a photo album or photo box. Unlike a huge artsy crafty scrapbooking event this one focuses on organizing the photos. It’s a fun time to share memories with friends.

3. Make a de-cluttering date and write it in pen on the calendar. Having the time set aside means it will get done since we all know organizing never happens in your “spare” time.

4. Have a de-cluttering party complete with food, music, and a prize at the end. This is a great way to get your family on board with the project. Try a de-clutter award for the person who bags up the most items to give away to a charity.

5. Host a giving party. Have everyone bring a bag of gently used items they no longer love that they can swap for stuff they will use. Then you can donate all the leftovers to a local charity.

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6. Barter with friends to help you with large de-cluttering projects or ask them to watch your children so you can have some uninterrupted time. Uninterrupted means it will be more enjoyable and productive!

7. Give yourself a reward! After your organizing session treat yourself to something fun, anything but shopping!

This is a guest post by Jamie Novak.  Jamie’s newest book Stop Throwing Money Away is on shelves now and she hosts an online community at

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy



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