Yabbly Community Helps Answer Your Questions with Honesty and Thoughtfulness #Ad

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Yabbly.  All opinions are my own

YabblyDo you ever have questions about products or services? Want to know the best booster seat for your kids, how about the best computer for the money?

You can go to Google for this info.. but you are getting answers from complete strangers. This can be OK but wouldn’t you rather have a network of people you could trust to go to get your questions answered?

Enter Yabbly, this is a new social network that you can go to get great answers to your burning questions. Yabbly aims to create value in their community by encouraging honesty, thoughtfulness, and allowing you to get individualized recommendations from real people who have used the products you have questions about.

It works like this (from Yabbly):

  • describe your detailed situation
  • get matched with others
  • have a two-way conversation
  • earn Karma by helping others
  • follow other members

When you join Yabbly you can ask your questions then the answers are directed at you and your “unique” situation instead of just averaging random reviews for the product or service.

Since I live in San Diego I noticed that one person asked about “Favorite Restaurants in San Diego“, there were are 10 good answers directed right to this person and giving them great advice. It’s also cool because once you ask a question and another user answers they are put into your “network”. If you ask another question that person is alerted again that you need help, so it actually gives everyone the opportunity to build a source of trusted friends to help them when they need it. Pretty cool, right? This encourages people to be honest and thoughtful because the next time they need help YOU might be answering their questions.

Another cool part of Yabbly is that they have a Perks Program. Just click into the Perks tab and see if their are any new perks available. This is the latest:

Yabbly Perk! Get five pints of Steve’s Ice Cream small-batch “mix in” ice cream delivered to your door overnight in dry ice!

The folks at Steve’s Ice Cream have offered to provide a few lucky Yabblers with five pints of your choice of flavors of their small-batch ice cream shipped to your home or office overnight in dry ice in exchange for sharing your honest feedback!

All you need to do is show that you are a true ice cream aficionado by telling us your favorite story involving enjoying ice cream and the stories with the most helpful votes from other members win!

Wow!! I want this ice cream.. it sound great. Basically you simply respond, give good advice and you might be rewarded. Features like the Perk Program can really get you excited about Yabbly and their online community.

I encourage  you to check it out, it looks super cool to me.

You can head to Yabbly Online and sign up or download the Yabbly app so you can get all your answers on the go.

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Yabbly. All opinions are my own

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