Won’t You Be, Oh Won’t You Be.. My Neighbor..?

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I just took a little walk with my dog.  We live on a long cul-de-sac with 17 houses,  And you know what I realized? I don’t know most of my neighbors.

We have lived here for 10 years and in that time I think only 3 new families have moved in (I do know them).  I guess I have probably “met” about 1/2 of the others from yard sale, a blackout we had one time for a night, walking dogs..ect..  But the reality is, I couldn’t pick most of those people out in a line up.  I would know them from someone I have never seem before.

That’s kinda sad, right? I have spend 10 years on the same street as these families and I have no clue who they are.

I guess it’s indicative of our lives, though.  Busy at work, busy with kids, busy watching tv…

How about you? Do you know your neighbors?

If so, share your tips..

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Twyla Miller says

    We know all our neighbors. There is a block watch organization and everyone gets together at times during the year. Now our corner neighbor is having a get together so that we can meet the neighbors on the next block.

  2. Mia says

    I only know a couple of my neighbors. Kind of sad…There was a study done of people in an area who lived a really long time, and they found that it was because they had a strong sense of community and a strong support system. Even though they were obese, smoked, etc. !

  3. Laurie D says

    Same here. We’ve lived here for 12 years and we barely know anyone. It it wasn’t for my immediate next door neighbor, I probably wouldn’t know any names! And I have kids… I don’t even know many of the parents in the neighborhood. Between School, Work, housework and running errands on the weekend, we just don’t have time to socialize much. It’s really kinda sad, but I don’t think it’s unusual these days.

  4. lala says

    I’ve lived in my house since 1997 – there are only 12 homes on my street and you would think that would make us a pretty close knit neighborhood right? Back in 97 it was – I was so happy being I’d just become a widow and moved 50 miles from where we’d lived for 25 yrs – to have these thoughtful strangers reach out to me and my children was a blessing. Since then real estate in this area went thru the roof- more then half of our neighbors sold and moved on to bigger and better houses. I try to welcome the newcomers like I was welcomed but it seems like everybody’s too busy with their own lives to take the time to get to know you now. Let’s see how it goes this summer when we’re the ones with the pool !!

  5. Alisa says

    I just made an invitation to host a neighborhood BBQ. I’ve been here 2 years & I know the people beside me but that’s about it. I want my daughter to grow up knowing her neighbors like I did!

  6. Hayley says

    i know some of my neighbors.. my next door neighbor and I get along really well(and lucky its always worked out that way with next door neighbors.) and ive only been in my neighborhood for almost a year. i found out about most of our neighbors because i was going around the apartment complex and asking them if they would mind some noise one night while i hosted a college party (ended up not having the party) and most of them didnt mind.. defenitly a different kind of conversation starter.. and i know who else likes parties around me:)

  7. Marilyn says

    Yes it is sad not to know our neighbors. We move frequently and many moves ago we began holding an “Open House” at OUR home so the neighbors could meet us! We make up pretty invites and place them on each neighbors door inviting them to come meet us. We’ve had great success and our current neighborhood has evolved into having a Christmas Party the same date each year. There’s always a neighbor willing to host at their house! It’s been great! Oh, and by the way, we’ve found when we have an Open House … many neighbors come and meet each other for the FIRST time (some have lived in their home for as long as 17 years and don’t know their neighbors). It only takes a little creativity to change that!!

  8. Diane says

    Rent a bouncer for kids and put it in your front yard. Kids will pull their parents to at least walk by – you simply offer for the kids to join in. Ask them if they have anyone else in the house or a neighbor on the street that would like to join in. Pull your BBQ into the front yard as well. Some people will actually get the hint and bring soda or chips, etc… It’s never failed any place I’ve ever lived. OR you can always hold an “open house” or have a block party. This is much easier done when you hand deliver invitations. Once they meet you they feel more comfortable about coming.

  9. says

    Love my neighbors, I know everybody except maybe 2 households and I still wave to them as I pass by…….We have one neighbor who walks her dog every night and she is turning 90 this year. I am planning a block party for her (she definately knows everyone on the block or shall I say blocks) so it will be exciting to finally meet the couple of houses I don’t know. We all watch out for each other…..

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