1. Cathy says

    I would give my sister the money to redo her kitchen. She became disabled a year ago, loves to cook but now has limited use of her right hand. She has the worlds most dysfunctional kitchen!

  2. Deb says

    I would start in my kitchen/dining area. It need more storage area. I love to cook but am limited with what I have. Plus with my disability it makes it hard to stand, I need a prep area where I can sit and work.

  3. says

    i would love to win so i can exspand my 3 br 1 bath home my son and his family had to move home and we already have 4 living in this 800 sruare foot home we need the room

  4. Shortexan says

    We could definitely use more space with my mother, son and his son 4 yrs old. My daughter that has FAS and performs at a fairly high level but still needs to be supervised. Myself and my husband and often my other daughter and her 10 month old daughter and 2 yr old son. If we could close in the living room it would give us 2 more bedrooms and much needed room!!

    Debbie wood

  5. Lisa says

    Well to tell you the truth our house was built by my father before I was born an it has paneling as cabinets. Half of the basement is still a dirt floor because of the coal we had to put downstairs for our fire. Our ceiling needs redon from all of the roof leaks. So this is what I would do with the money.

  6. christine tina says

    I would love to win this, We could have our leaky basement fixed and finished. Thank you for this sweepstakes!

  7. Susan W says

    We have seven people in our small house and one bathroom. Another one would be greatly appreciated, especially since I am disabled and have no master bath at all but spend a lot of time in bed. My mom, sister and 4 year old nephew moved in with us to help take care of me so space is at a premium. A mud room for laundry and storage would also help a lot, and/or a sunroom that could double as a bedroom. Our kitchen floor is also all cracked up and the refrigerator is not in good shape so the kitchen needs a lot too. It also needs painting and more cabinets as it has none on one wall. Thank you for the info on this sweepstakes. I know so many people need this kind of help.

  8. says

    My husband is medically retiring from the Army. He has injured his back and I also have a damaged back with fibromyalgia. We will be returning to my farm house which was my grandparents from the 1940′s. We will need all the help we can get to bring it up to code and into this century. Not to mention enough room for 6 kids. It would not only go to good use But be very appreciated.

  9. Laura says

    I would remodel my basement so my mother-in-law could come to live with us. She is going blind at the young age of 74. This is so hard on her to have to think of leaving her house to live in a home. My home is open to her and the basement would be perfect as a private space and she could come upstairs anytime she wanted. She also has other health problems.

  10. Tonya says

    I would use the money to fix up my kitchen, and bathrooms—make them a litle more kid friendsly and make better use of the space. I would be thrifty and try to manage it well. If I could manage to do my kitchen, and bathrooms, I would fix up my basemant general purpose area as a hangout/ area for my chlidren.

  11. Maureen King says

    I would love to remodel my kitchen or at least make it disabled ready for my two sons who are becoming blind due to a rare genetic disorder. It is so old an not vision impaired friendly whatsoever and is so dysfunctional for them to navigate. I would love basic modifications to help them with their new way of life and ours. I would not want$100,000 dollars of work to be done but if I did win I would like to ensure other needy people with disabilities might be able to share the total $ amount. Thank you.

  12. Ronda says

    I moved into my Grandfathers house which is very old to take care of my parents who were sick Mom passed in 2007 and dad in 2009. I would really love to stay here so as I said the house is old so I have have to start with new foundation and plumbing and work my way up. Thank you

  13. kathy says

    I would make my kitchen larger and come out and make a sunroom and move the kitchen table there. My mother–in-law moved in with us last year and she is in a wheel chair and we could use the extra space to give her somewhere to sit besides the bedroom or great room with us. It would be nice for her to be able to be alone if she wants to be.

  14. Karen says

    I would love to win this! We could add on to our tiny house! We need at least one more bedroom. We could have a new furnace and fix our back room up. We would do a lot with that much cash! Could almost build a new one!

  15. says

    I would remodel my whole house since we have had to let things go. My sister-in-law has been legally blind for 6 years and we fixed up my husbands dads old home and she is living there now. So basically we have 2 light bills, 2 house, taxes etc. She gets some help but not a whole lot.

  16. Darah Kropp says

    I have the worlds ugliest master bathroom, with fake marble tile and a “marble pillar” which is really pvc pipe covered in contact paper! Formica counter tops and floor is falling apart!! Please help!!

  17. cathy rice says

    Oh this would be a dream come true! We are living in our 5th wheel trying to piece together
    how we can finagle replacing a foundation wall and redo plumbing and redo all the electrical in a family home built in 1902. We love this house overwhelmed with the cost of remodeling!

  18. Bette V says

    Add on two more bedrooms and another bathroom. I am living with my daughter and two granddaughters. The house is small and we could really use the room.

  19. karen says

    I would let you all come to my house and do a remodel any way they want to! My house is in serious need of help. It’s way to small for the 5 that live here & needs so many improvements I wouldn’t know where to begin.I sure would love to win this contest! Good luck to all who have entered my one of our dreams come true! ;0)

  20. Terrey H says

    Right now we rent a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house with 4 of us, me my daughter, my granddaughter and my grandson so I would use the money to either buy a house of our own or as a down payment on our own house. We have been renting for 10 years and the kids have changed schools a few times and its been really hard on them. P.S. Also an Xbox 360 as that is the only thing they have asked for for Christmas…..

  21. says

    We are in serious need of a new roof and furnace and struggling to get by now. Not sure how we are going to get it done, but this would sure help. Could even put a new roof on Mom and Dad’s house that is in as much dire straights as ours…

  22. nancy chartrand says

    For the last 18 months i have been off work and awaiting back surgery.. We have had so much bad luck that I can’t even name it all here, or I might cry.. My home is in need of many repairs, the 2 bathrooms have mold, my son’s bedroom as well, and the living room, the kitchen cupboards need to be replaced, the one under the sink especially was wet and now it is cracking.. due to a leak in the tap.. the counter top has a burn mark from my boyfriend putting a hot pot on it, the front bathroom needs a whole new shower, the paint is pealing, it needs better ventilation, the ceiling has mold… we need new flooring in the kitchen, 2 of the bedrooms, and both bathrooms..(we have some ceramic flooring and no money to have someone install it ) my son’s room has a hole in the wall where he tripped over his barbells lol..we need new wiring, better insulation, part of the outside deck has dropped, uggg i think i am just beginning… anyone want to buy a house?? anyone??

  23. jayne pacheco says

    I would love to win somy kitchen would be wonderful I ve never had somthing nice don for us we always had used furniture but I dont complain im happy to be with my would be a nice christmas to both

  24. Faye Pugh says

    I would love to win this. I have harvest brown in the kitchen. Lateral line backed up into he basement, carpet is a wasteland, and sheetrock is stained. I do dog rescue, and the upstairs carpet shows it. SO much to do and I am disabled with a student in law school.

  25. Kathi Davis says

    I would love to win as I have a small 2 bedroom apartment and my daughter, son-in-law and their 3 daughters have lost their home and have come to live with me. So I would use it to buy a bigger home so we all wouldn’t be so cramped. I am disabled and their being here has been a blessing in disquise for all the help they have given me, but the bills are getting larger and my disability doesn’t go very far in todays economy. Good luck to everyone. There are so many deserving people out there.

  26. Amy (Merriam) McCain says

    I could fix up my entire house with this money!! I bought a tiny, little foreclosure that needs WAY more work than I was told! So, that means it needs WAY more work then I can do myself….or afford on my own! There is mold in the attic, water in the basement, and cracks in the drywall from settling…..among other things! I am slowly fixing up what I can…over time. Unfortunately, I am single and disabled…..with several chronic health problems……and now I have developed severe arthritis in both knees. The work is taking much longer than I anticipated. It will be a cute little house for me…IF/when I can get the work done AND find some extra money to pay the property taxes and homeowners insurance! This money would be a Godsend for me!!!

  27. Linda McLaughlin says

    I would redo my whole condo. There are lots of repairs that need fixing, carpet needs replacing, windows need fixing, walls need repairing. I am going through a separation right now and wouldn’t be able to afford to fix it up so this would be perfect if i could win this makeover.

  28. vickie says

    I would like to have a home for my daughter and her son who has autism. They live in a pole barn that has no bedrooms and no septic tank. They have to live there so her son can go to a school where he gets help. she cant afford to pay rent because they keep cutting his ssi check and she has put in apps for jobs everywhere. this is so illinios for you.

  29. says

    I would love to redo my whole house. I live in a double wide home and with this kind of money I would redo the whole place, flooring(badly need) new dry wall, cabinets, and the bathrooms need to be replaced, everything!!

  30. Robbie says

    Only a dream to come true, Oprah coming to my town. WOW! Just a visit from her would be awesome.. Common Oprah pick me!

  31. Deborah Ward says

    wow! first thing would be install central air system that works with hot water baseboard heat!, then I could replace all the windows and doors in the house which are original from 1964!! We also need to replace cooper pipes which are breaking, then finally to update the 2 bathrooms and kitchen which again are all original from 1964, also the original drywell needs replacing, and floors need refinishing as well. If money were left over after that I tall wooden fence around the yard, a small green house and raised garden beds so I can plant healthier veggies for meals.

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