Why did the Capon Cross the Road.. WHAT?.. What’s a Capon??

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So the other day  I went to the store (sort of a health food store). I have been wanted to get my cat a chicken to roast for the fat. She has kidney disease and has a hard time gaining weight. So I was was thinking a little chicken fat might help with that and make her like her yucky food better.

Well, the chicken was kind of expensive but I saw a “capon” in the freezer case for $.99 a lb. But I don’t know what a capon is.. so I ask the meat guy.. he doesn’t know either and goes to ask in the back.

I hear him at the door saying .. “seriously?”

And he comes out and says.. it’s a castrated rooster..

So I bought a castrated rooster..and that is the best durn chicken I have ever eaten.. lol.

and both pets were begging for it..

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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