Who Wants to See a Movie This Weekend? Check out Dealflicks for a Deal! #Ad

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Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Dealflicks, all opinions are my own.

dealflicks-logo-icon-300x240What is the best movie you have seen recently? Are you an action, romance, or Si-fi movie fan? I think the last show we saw was one for kids (go figure) and we walked out of there feeling like we just paid to much for what we got.

In 2012 the average cost of a movie ticket was $8.12 and that is only one ticket and not popcorn or soda. Once you add in all the extras you are probably looking at least $30 to see a show.

In our area it is even more than that so we don’t seem to make to a lot of movies because the price is so high. It is fun, though, so there must be a way to save a bit of your hard earned money.  And I just found a way that I would like to share with you called Dealflicks!

According to Dealflicks they are like the Priceline for movie tickets. It’s kind of a sad fact that apparently 88% of movie theater seats are not sold.  And so to take care of this problem (and give you a good deal) Dealflicks partners with your local movie theaters to fill empty seats by offering movie tickets (plus popcorn and soda) for up to 60% off.

This service is available online 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there are no convenience fees (whoo-hoo.. because those fees can be a buzz kill!).

You can either log into their website and see if they are working with movie theaters in your area or snag their iPhone app and get your movie deals on the go.

So head out there and grab a show! You could make it a date with your hubby and everything (and you know we all need a few more of those!)

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Dealflicks, all opinions are my own.

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