When the School Days are Done.. Kids, They Want to Have Fun..

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funDying to have fun this summer, but strapped for cash? Here are some ideas for help you have some inexpensive fun all summer long.

Read Something.

Story Time isn’t just for toddlers, some libraries and book stores have programs for kids of all ages – and even adults. Many libraries have Summer Reading Programs for the younger kids and will offer incentives, like Chuck E Cheese, for reading a certain number of books. Some libraries also have knitting, computer, and other classes for teens and adults. Check your local library to see what they offer. Barnes & Noble and other book stores also have story time, so check those out, too!

Build Something.

Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even the Lego Store all have workshops where you can build something and take it home. One time at Home Depot, for Mother’s Day, we made little flower planters. It was fun to put them together and then give them as gifts.

Learn Something.

Lots of museums – art, science, and history – have free admission all year round, but some that normally charge do offer free admission for students in the summer.

Watch Something.

Find the cheap movie theater in your town. (Admission may be $1, or it may be $3 or more in larger cities.) These theaters generally play movies that are out on DVD already, but nothing beats the theater experience, so it’s definitely worth the trip. Eat before you go if you don’t have the funds to purchase popcorn and snacks. Usually, these things are discounted at the cheap theaters, but not always.

Some theaters even offer free movies. In St. Louis, there is a theater that does free movies all summer long on Wednesdays. But get there early, or you won’t get a seat!

And for even more to do check out these posts:

Bowl… Something.

Tried to keep with the theme of “something” here. :) KidsBowlFree.com is a great way to keep you busy this summer! The only cost you will have is drinks or food – if you go at meal time – and shoe rental. You can also purchase an adult pass, which allows you to bowl 2 free games each day you go, for $24.95. This pass is good for up to four adults.

Other fun free or inexpensive ideas for this summer include:

  • Plant a garden.
  • Have a sprinkler party.
  • Water balloon fights!
  • Factory tours.
  • Take a picnic to the park.
  • Have a scavenger hunt

What do you like to do in the summer that won’t break the bank?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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