What We Do For Our Kids.. Trying to Be a Brave Mama..

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I had to get a Tb test today.  Might not sound like too much to many of you, but you have to understand, when I had my last one I had a panic attack afterward.

Shots and needles are one of my worst fears.  I recently discovered that when I get a shot or blood drawn (or a tb test) that my blood pressure plummets.  This is a problem because it makes the blood draws even worse- no blood will come out and they have to prolong the already traumatic process for me.

This all stems from being a 5 year old that they thought had a brain tumor. I had to have a ton of tests (and shots) including a spinal tap.. yeah I remember that needle being about 20 feet long.

Luckily I did not not a brain tumor at 5.. I was only stressed out and was getting headaches..

But back to the TB test.  My daughter needs me to volunteer in her class for a bit because she is having such a hard time transitioning from school to home.  She has a very traumatic past due to being in foster care ( and 6 placements) and really needs an adult to help regulate her right now.  Of course the teachers can’t be responsible for that all day when they have 21 other children to help out.. so tag, I’m it.  And if it will help my daughter heal, I want to do anything I can.

I was lucky this time, though.. my mommy came with me and feed me chocolate (mmm.. interesting lemon pepper dark chocolate) before and during the test.. that helped.  So I will live another day.

Mommies are the best.. they help you be more brave..

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Marsha E says

    When I was younger and I saw needle I scream for my life.

    I soon learned just to look the other way, somer nurse give better shots than others.

  2. Gail Davis says

    Our son had many health issues that involved lots of needles and IV’s. My hubbie decided to take our son when Dad had to get an allergy shot. Our son learned how very brave he was when they watched a 6’6″ airman pass out from a shot. My brave little boy became a nurse.

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