What to Buy in February (i.e. Get Cheaper!!)

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What to Buy In February (ie Get Cheaper)Want to know what tends to be less expensive in February?  Here is a list:

  • Home theaters- thinks Superbowl sales!!
  • Chocolates- think after Valentines day sales
  • Weddings- February is off season (except maybe Valentine’s Day)
  • Bicycles- Stores are making room for next seasons stock
  • Boats- so who is running out for a boat?
  • Humidifiers- not sure why on this one..
  • Fragrances- After Valentines..
  • Flowers- see above :)
  • Fitness equipment- Stores stocked up for Jan 1.. now no one wants it..
  • Outerwear- going on clearance

What other things have you noticed going on sale this time of year?

Thanks Deal News and Daily Finance.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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