We Lived 8 Years Without Flooring (and I am ok with that) #Ad

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust Bank. The opinions and text are all mine.

What is your financial bucket list?

You know the list of things you want to do for retirement, home upgrades, savings for college, and even the smaller stuff like new bikes or a bedspread?

We all have them. And if you are trying to stay out of debt sometimes you feel like those things will never come.

I have told you before that Jon and I were 80,0000 in debt. In 2008-2009 when everything crashed we lost BOTH of our businesses. On top of that we were in the middle of a $100,000 home addition.

Talk about scary.

We did not know what to do. At one point our external wall was made of plastic. It’s a little hard to stop spending when the wall facing the street is stapled down.


We just kept hoping it would improve. But it didn’t. It got worse. My husband was out of work for about a year and when he did get a job, it did not pay the bills.

We finally stopped spending, but the damage had been done. $80,000 in debt and our house was livable, but not done.

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My husband eventually did get a great job and we spend over 6 years paying off that debt. We had to give up things, vacations, eating out so often, new clothes, etc. But when it was done, we started saving, for flooring. We had bare concrete, with carpet scraps for 7-8 years (the carpet was one of the 1st things to go in the remodel).

And this summer we got it. We choose this beautiful tile that looks like hardwood. It really is nice. It took almost a week to install so we took a local “staycation” and came back to flooring.

It felt good.

We have some other things on our “bucket list”:

1. New carpet for bedrooms

2. Kitchen update

3. New office desks

4. Backyard overhaul

5. New bike for the hubby

There is more, but these are some of the top things. It helps to make a list when you are saving. It feels like progress and you can feel where you have been and where you are now.

Saving money is hard, but when you can track the progress it feels good. And it’s better to work hard and earn your things rather than have instant gratification. (You can grab an easy excel budget worksheet. It makes it easy to find places in your budget that you can reduce in order that you can save for the things you REALLY want).

You appreciate what you have more when you save for it.

I know we have.

I challenge you as Frugal Living Mom readers to take the time to make your Financial Bucket list and then and use the excel budget worksheet and find the areas that you are overspending. Cutting those areas will mean you can do more of what you really want!

I would love for you to share YOUR financial bucket list in the comments and how you plan to get there.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust Bank. The opinions and text are all mine.

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