We Ordered Our Life With a Side of Crazy.. How About You??

Ok.. so I am going to rant a bit here.  Not too much I think.. but be warned :)

There are 2 more days of school.. not even that, 1 1/2.  Ack!! what am I going to do???? But enough of that, onto the rant..

Why the heck does the end of the school year have to be insane??  The girls have had a spring concert, 2 plays, 1 field trip, kindergarten grad, at least one party and then the last day of school.. All in the span of 22 days.

Seriously.. what are they thinking??

My girls are adopted and do have more issues than the average child, so I am a bit a lot more sensitive to this kind of stuff.  I can see really well when children are in a state of overwhelm.. even kids that are not my own.

Today my oldest daughter had a little play in the auditorium (which was cute and they did a good job) but when it ended mayhem broke loose.. seriously, I saw kids having no clue what to do, many were running around, one was clinging to her teacher, parents were on stage, some kids even started taking down the scenery.. It was chaos.

I immediately grabbed my daughter and held her hand. Then we found a seat and she seemed to be able to regulate herself with my help. I helped her get in line to walk back to class with the other students. But I could tell that other students needed help, too.

I don’t know.. this stuff is fun and exciting.. but how much is enough?? If it were up to me.. I think kids could do without 90% of the “activities” we provide for them. But that is just me.

How about you?

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  1. barbara says

    and it is just as crazy for us moms…. my son is now 9 years out of high school ( really?) but this time of year still reminds me of all the fun things that actually end up being stress for US….the moms… we are baking the stuff for the end-of-year moms in prayer treat for the teachers, PTSA meeting, volunteer lunche(s), awards ceremonies, chaperoning this and that event…… and of course all NON-kid related moms activities end with a lunch, brunch, etc…… anyone done the all night grad party chaperoning/helping???? uhh yeah..crazy…..

  2. lalas57 says

    Hi – think Barbara said it all…my youngest daughter graduated last year – she was the “baby” her sister is 23 yrs older & the 2 brothers are now 36 & 32 so it had been awhile since I had to go thru that craziness at the end of a school year! Amazingly not much had changed…the school trips, field/carnival day ,prom, award ceremonies and I’m blessed with this child graduated 5th in her class- National Honor Society {sorry had to brag a bit I’m so proud of her!!} anyway I agree they need to space these activities out better it’s way too much for the PARENTS since we’re doing all the baking ,trip chaperoning, party planning, and of course paying for all of the trips, prom dresses, hair salons, tearbooks, class rings , and it goes on and on lol! Oh and besides the all night after prom activities that will just wear you out with worry no matter what! Enjoy the summer !!

  3. lalas57 says

    forgot to mention – those are beautiful kids!! God Bless all of you and have a great summer!!

  4. Lewann says

    I agree! My daughter is 15 and we have been homeschooling for the last 6 years so we don’t have as many activities as all of you but I do remember what it was like before homeschool. Even as parents we want our kids to be busy with many after school activities but if you really think about it they may just be too busy. After many years of girl scouts, softball, soccer, dance, art class we figured out that not only were we tired of driving around from activity to activity but so was our daughter plus she was the one partisapating in all those activities! Of course not all at once since most are seasonal! We really have to think about it! One extra class a week is good maybe two if they are older but no more! If you have more then one child God bless you! I would try and have them do the same activity so you don’t have to take them to separate places many times a week! Sorry to get on this rant but after working in the schools in my area for many years also and seeing so many kids so tired when they get to school cause they are busy with after school activities till 6-8 pm then dinner and homework hopefully getting to bed by midnight some times later! I feel for those kids!

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