Want to Write a Book? Learn How From Crystal Paine (Money Saving Mom)

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write a bookHave you ever thought of writing a book? I have.  This last year I taught my self how to write fiction and am writing a YA Dystopian novel.

Maybe you want to make some additional income by writing. Challenging yourself is good. It breathes new energy into a maybe stale life.

I have (mostly) loved teaching myself something new over the last year. I have met and connected with amazing writers. And I built a world and story that never existed before. In my mind that is pretty awesome.

Teaching myself took a lot of work and research too, though. I was on the internet doing Google searches, like my first one about writing (How to write a novel?) and many, many more about specifics. You absolutely can do all the research on your own. But it’s nice to be guided though.

Well, maybe you don’t have to do it on your own.

Tomorrow (Thursday, 1PM PST (4PM EST) afternoon, Crystal Paine is hosting a free live workshop with Chandler Bolt on how to become a published author. This is a guy who went from being a college dropout to a 6-figure business owner and bestselling author in less than two years and Crystal is a huge success with her new book, Money Making MomEven if you can’t go you should sign up, because I’m 99% sure they will email you a replay link!

In the live workshop, Crystal and Chandler will be talking about what he learned in the process and what you need to know to find your book idea and become a published author in 2016.

In this workshop, Chandler will share:

  • Which dream-killing myths about becoming an author hold us back from success (and how to FINALLY check “write a book” off your bucket list)
  • More on how to find your bestselling book idea in under an hour — and turn your idea into a finished book in 3 steps
  • How to effectively sell your book once it’s written (without being “salesy”)
  • How many books it takes to become a bestseller (the answer isn’t what you think)
  • How to write, market, and publish your book — even turn it into a successful business

Join today… it looks super awesome (and it’s free!)



This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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