Venti, Please! Saving Big Bucks at Starbucks

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How-to-save-money-at-starbucksTrying to live frugally is tough. When you start learning about all the different ways to save money for you and your family, you might start to feel guilty about the little indulgences you enjoy. Try not to worry—everyone deserves the occasional treat, especially when you spend so much time working hard to keep your family happy.

If Starbucks is your treat of choice, you know that it can add up pretty quickly. Next time you make a caffeine stop, use these tricks to save money.

1. Fill your cup up with milk at the condiment bar
Lattes are some of the most expensive drinks on the Starbucks menu. This is because they are mostly milk. However, you can DIY your latte if you go inside the store! Just order one, two, or three shots of espresso and flavor shots if you want them. You can then take your cup to the condiment bar and fill it up with the milk that they leave out. You get the same delicious latte taste for a couple bucks less.

2. Sign up for the Starbucks app or get a Starbucks card
If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, the Starbucks app should definitely be on there. This app works in the same way as a registered Starbucks gift card, so you may just want to pick up a gift card if you don’t want the hassle of an app. When you register, you get one free drink for every 12 drinks you buy. You also get a free drink for your birthday and special members-only offers.

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3. Order a short!
A little-known secret of Starbucks is its smallest drink size. No, it’s not a tall! In the early days of Starbucks, you could order a short. This mini cup is slightly smaller than a tall, so it’s perfect if you just need a pick-me-up or if you never quite finish your tall drink. Even Frappuccinos come in mini sizes now!

4. Ask for no water with your tea
Iced tea drinks, including iced herbal teas and shaken tea lemonades, are made with double strength brewed tea. They are watered down to dilute the flavor. If you want a stronger tea taste and more bang for your buck, ask for no water the next time you order a tea beverage.

5. Take advantage of refills
If you are hanging out inside the store, you can get refills of brewed coffee for just $0.50. This is true even if your first drink is a specialty drink. This can definitely make those long work or study sessions little bit cheaper.

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6. Bring your own cup
This trick only saves you $0.10, but that can add up over multiple trips! Plus, you can feel better about doing something good for the environment. Bring your own tumbler or reusable cup when you order.

7. Double up with the Starbucks card and local specials or features
On top of the Starbucks card and app, there are lots of features and promotions run by individual stores. Ask your barista next time you go to Starbucks and find out if there are any punch card specials or half-price specials going on.

There’s something about having a Starbucks cup in your hand that tells you that you are going to have a good day. Make your Starbucks experience a little cheaper with these Starbucks hacks.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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