Vacuum Seal Food in 30 Seconds Without a Machine


I’m a kitchen gadget junky so OF COURSE I’ve wanted a FoodSaver. But due to lack of space I’ve never bought one.

(oh, I’ve been tempted many times!!)



Then I came across this video on Vacuum Sealing Food in 30 Seconds Without a Machine and WOW what a great idea!

I seriously doubt it’s quite as good and the FoodSaver, but just getting all the air out is surly going to extend the life of your food in the fridge or freezer!

Have you ever tried this or do you have a better way?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. Diana says

    What I do is put the item in a ziplock bag and seal it almost shut, I insert a straw in the open part and suck the air out. I quickly pull out the straw and zip it instantly. This works great!

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