Unique Summer (and Beyond) Jobs for Teens

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Unique-Summer-(and-Beyond)-Jobs-for-TeensHave a teen looking for a job this summer? Finding a job’s not always easy and he might want some flexibly for activities like sports.

And when your teen starts her own business she might find she has an entrepreneurial spirit that may last her a lifetime!

Become a Virtual Assistant- As a blogger I am well acquainted with the world of VAs. A virtual assistant can work for larger companies doing small jobs or may work for an individual blogger doing things like writing, social media, web design, photography, etc.. Your teen can sell their services through online companies like E-Lance if you are over 18 or seek out bloggers or businesses individually (you could be any age for this). The cool thing is they may end up working for anyone in the world or for someone next door.

Sell Services on Fiverr- This is a bit like the above in that you sell you services. The difference is the service sales are probably one time only. On Fiverr people sell almost any service or product for $5. If you teen can draw they might consider drawing for $5. They can write articles, make videos, do voice overs, just about anything and make $5.

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Pet Sitter- Lots of people go on vacation during the summer, so its a perfect time to have your teen start a pet sitting business.  They can feed and play with the cat, sprinkle food on the fish.. and lol, make sure the hamster doesn’t die. Also sites like Dogster allow you to host pets at your home.  If you kid will take care of the guests it could be a purrfect job for them.

House Sitter- Just as the above, families want there homes cared for, too.  If you teen is old enough and trustworthy they may stay overnight.  Otheriwse that might only check the mail, water the plants and feed the fish.

Start a blog- Starting a blog is no way of guaranteed money.  If if you can gain an audience it can bring in a nice income, year round.  Check out our post on starting a blog.

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Clean Houses- Do some of your friends or family members need their houses cleaned?  If you have a rare child who loves cleaning this could be a perfect job for them.

And what about taxes? Yep, kids can owe taxes, too. Check out this article for all the details.

Did you have a job as a teen? What did you do?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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