Uh Oh, Daddy… You are IN Trouble…

My husband is not the saver in this family.. we have been together a long time (since high school) so he has improved but he still likes to spend money a lot :)

It’s ok with me.. because it’s a balance.  If it were just me I would probably hoard it all and we would never do anything..lol.  I am pretty sure God knew what He was doing went he put us together.

Yesterday he took our oldest daughter out to get some surf booties (we did get her a wetsuit on Ebay for only $30.. fabulous deal!!).  I was fine with it.

He did come back with the booties.. as well as a rash guard.. and..

yup.. fancy (i.e. expensive) cupcakes from a local gluten free bakery..

Apparently the whole way home my daughter kept saying “Daddy, you should not have bought all this stuff.. you need to call mommy and tell her!!”

too funny.. I think I have her trained.

In the end I wasn’t mad.. Daddy says it’s because he brought me a cupcake, too ;)

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  1. Veronica says

    What a cute story–so much of life is a balance…it amazes me how God matches up savers with spenders :o)
    Thanks for sharing.

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