Save $54.79 a Month (or More): Trade Off Babysitting with Friends

Save $50Babysitting is expensive..not too long ago the hubby and I went out on a “free date”- we left at 8pm so the girls were in bed and we just needed the babysitter to sit there for a few hours, she did not even interact with the girls. That “free” date cost us around $30- $30 BUCKS…

To save money on babysitting you might want to consider a “co-op” with your friends, this way when you want to go out you drop the kiddos off at their house and they drop theirs off at yours when they go out.

Sure, there is time involved, but not money- so it might be a great “trade off”.

Have you every traded babysitting with your friends or family?  Leave a comment about your experience.

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