Save $54.79 a month: Stop at Garage Sales

You can get the best deals at garage sales.  I love shopping for clothes for my girls at them.  Seriously, where else can you get a bag stuffed with clothes for $5- not even at thrift stores can I get these prices.

I find that looking on for community yard sales gets you the most for you time.  basically you get to drive to one area and you have lots of sales within either walking or short driving distance.  You don’t have to waste time with maps and gas driving all over the place.

Make a list of the things you want/need and go with a friend- it’s way more fun!!

What is your best yard sale find?

If you have a frugal tip email it to FFD. We would love to share it.

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  1. Yvette says

    Hi, everybody. How’s this for a doozy of a yard sale find. A Kitchen Aid 600 Pro Series mixer for $50.00 dollars, and it is almost new. The couple in question were in a hurry to get on the rode because of her husbands job that requires them to travel for a few years. I kid you not they were selling so many appliances in new condition my eyes were crossing. Alas I was not prepared monetarily to sweep everything into my car, that and the fact other people just happened to show up enmasse. I consoled myself with the buy of the year or probably ever again Yeah!

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