Today’s Frugal Tip: Shop at Your Local Farm Stands

Photoxpress_4438764bI love finding organic and local produce for a steal.  I have recently discovered that the local high school’s FFA program sells fruits and veggies every week.  FOR CHEAP.  We are able to get the same heirloom tomatoes there that are selling for many dollars a pound for $.25 each (and they are big).

You may not be so lucky as I am but I’ll bet if you stop at some local farm stand you might pick up some bargains.  Even another local one that tends to be more high priced in my area sells bruised organic fruit for only around $.25-$.50 a lb.  They’re great for smoothies or jam.

We also recently, on a failed trip to pick blackberries, found an organic farm that had u-pick strawberries (organic) for only $1 a basket- we were in heaven!!

What local produce finds do you have in your area?

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