Save $54.79 (or more) Per Year: Get Your Hair Cut Less Often

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save $50Today’s frugal tip is to consider cutting your hair less often.

I have always trimmed my own bangs, so I don’t need to worry about that.  But I did use to get it cut about every 6 I try to go 8.  By doing this I “cut out” (lame pun) almost 2 haircuts a year.

The place I go is $40 by the time the tip is in there, so this saves close to $80 a year.

Have you ever tried cutting you hair less often or even gone as far as cutting your own hair?

If you have a frugal tip email it to FFD. We would love to share it.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Cecil Whorton says

    For about a year now I have been cutting my own hair. Getting good at it . but now I need the savings. Frugal is the word of the day. Use it up ,wear it out , make it do or do without.

  2. Mary Marlatt says

    I wear my hair long(er) for this very reason. Short cuts require LOTS of maintenance and visits to the salon. Longer styles can go a lot longer in between cuts. I only pay $12-15 at Great Clips, but still can’t afford to do it more than a few times a year.

  3. Lynn Jones says

    Have it cut once every 2 yrs and donate it to locks for love program.
    Have it trimmed about every 3 months to cut out split ends but I trade a
    favor to a friend who can cut so it is free!!
    Color my own hair too with sale color for like $3 a box!!

  4. mia says

    I have cut my own hair or had someone at home cut it for me. Luckily, I have hair that grows quickly so if it turns out bad, it won’t last long. I’ve seen a product called the Creaclip which helps with cutting layers on your own. Haven’t tried it but looks good.

  5. Jenn says

    I work at a great clips in mn and i know around here and i believe every greatclips in the usa have prepaid haircut cards. we sell ours nov and dec and they are priced at $9.99 you can buy as many as you want and they dont expire. our haircuts are priced at $14 nomal so thats a $4.01 savings everytime you would get your haircut. i know many people love buying them and get mad at the end of the summer when they dont have anymore left on the card. quite afew will buy enough to last them a whole year. if you get your haircut every 5 weeks thats around 10 times a year you will save over $40!! just a though to keep in mind!

  6. jackie says

    my son(17) has only been to the hair dressers once. my daughter(14) has not been in about 8 years same with me. even when i did go it was about once every 2 1/2 – 3 years. hubby hasn’t been in almost 10 years. my daughter cuts my hair and i cut everyone else.

  7. Ernest says

    Well, I suppose if this is one area where “male-pattern baldness” has a plus, it would be saving a bit on money. I shave my own head every so often, with an electric shaver purchased for $5 @ an auction several years back.
    Now, last November, I tried the “No-Shave” grow a beard thing, so I did have to invest in some shampoo to wash that beard. First time I’ve bought some shampoo in years (Suave Men 2-in-One)!
    Occasionally, trim up Moms hair between her visits to the hairdresser.

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