3 Easy Ways to Comparison Shop (and Save Money!)

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We all know that comparison-shopping saves money, and chances are you’ve done it before to great effect. Most people only do it on major purchases like appliances, furniture, or electronics because it’s time consuming and requires a fair amount of forethought.

Well, times have changed. There’s no reason to overspend on almost anything anymore. Technology has made comparison-shopping quick and painless in some unlikely ways:

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1. Major Comparison Services For Auto and Home Insurance

Property and casualty insurance is one of the most competitive industries in the world. There are over 15 A-rated companies that sell auto and home insurance nationwide. Let them fight for your business, and you can save a bundle.

Don’t just go to one insurance company’s website that compares you to four or five top companies. You need to use a service like Answer Financil) that compares your rates to offers from all the A-rated companies in the country.

The business is so competitive; that you’re likely to have a better rate about every eight months, provided your driving record is improving. In any case, you should comparison shop for auto and home insurance at least once a year. Ask yourself: is your loyalty worth hundreds of dollars a year?

Top Tip: Ask for the highest deductible they offer. You’ll get a lower rate, and the financial reward may outweigh the risk.

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2. Online Discount Services

You can have a lot of fun, save time and a ton of money doing this! Gone are the boring days of scouring a newspaper or phone book for coupons. Groupon is a service that offers 50% discounts on a regular basis to restaurants or entertainment spots in your area. LivingSocial has discounts to local social events and vacation spots. Their site is a great way to get out and have fun without straying from your budget.

If you like designer clothes and accessories, ShopIttoMe.com is a great website for comparison-shopping and sales. They send you personalized emails about sale items specifically in your size. Google product search and Yahoo shopping are two of the most popular ways to find discounted products online.

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3. The Social Networks

Many of the major retailers are on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking websites. If you subscribe to their news feeds or fan pages they’ll often notify you about all the best sales, discounts, and special events ahead of time. This is a great way to buy smart and stay within budget.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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