The Weird Thing that Improved My Adult Acne by 50-75% (for Cheap)

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The-Weird-ThingI’ll apologize first.

I don’t have any before and after photos. Because 1. who wants to take photos of yourself with zits and 2. I didn’t really think this whole thing who work as well as it did, so I didn’t take any photos at the beginning.

About a month and a half ago I was doing some research to help improve my acne. You see, I am WAY into the adult part of my life and those suckers just won’t quit. As a teen I definitely had an acne problem and was sure as I got older it would disappear. My mom doesn’t have acne and neither does my dad.

But it never went away. Sure, there were improvements. Most of the time it was better than in my teen years, but not great.

At the time of my researching I think I had 24 pimples in various stages of healing. Some were medium sized and a few where on the larger side (more of the cyst type acne).

Since I have had acne for so long I’m pretty good at hiding it with make up and only the larger ones were really showing up. But there were still 24 zits.. and that is WAY to much for anyone, let alone an adult.

So back to my research.

I came across an interesting website called Acne Einstein. This guy (Mr Acne Einstein) has had acne his entire life, too and had tried a lot of things, just like me. And one of the things he mentions is green tea and research done on it’s effects on acne. He was giving some skin products with green tea in them a try and having success.

Well, me being me, I was not satisfied with purchasing some fairly expensive skin care with green tea in it. Sure, it might work, but what if there were a cheaper option?

So, of course I went straight to Amazon to look. My first thought was “is there a green tea extract I can mix with a moisturizer or some jojoba oil I already have on hand” (which btw, sounds weird, but is also beneficial for acne).

And by golly.. there was! It wasn’t too expensive and I figured I would not have to use much so it would, at minimum, last 2 months.

So when I received it I cut open a capsule of Green Tea extract  and mixed a drop with about 6 small drops of jojoba oil in my hand, blended it a bit with my finger and rubbed it on my face.

The results?

1. It was a bit sticky. I’m not sure if it was the blend of the 2 ingredients, but it has a tacky feel on my face. Because of this I stuck with a once a day application at bedtime. There was no way this could go under make up. It is possible a different mixing medium than the jojoba oil would produce less tacky results. But I was ok with doing it at night.
2. The Green Tea Extract is dark brown. So with my fair skin it kind of tints my face. Again, weird for daytime use.
3. I think it make me smell a bit “raisiny”. Yep.. like raisins.
4. It stains your finger a bit, so wash your hands well after using it.
4. Each capsule should have 4-5 drops in it. So I save it in my medicine cabinet and make it last at least 4 days. So this means the bottle of liquid  Green Tea Extract capsules will last about 8 months. Which in turn means, the cost to use it is pennies a day.

So I did this for a month and you know what? Within a few days I think my acne started to improve, healing faster and less breakouts. And over the month I have not had more than 8-10 small and meduim pimples (I have seen a few very, very tiny ones which go away in a day).

Even with my period, which is generally my worst time I had no more than 8 zits. And these pimples are different than before. They are healing faster and are not as large (and only 1 or so I would consider cyst types).

So Green Tea Extract is a win for me. It might be for you, too.

Let me know in the comments if you give it a try.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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