The Epic Decline of my Beauty Routine..

Raise your hand if you thought you would never change after you had kids..

Lol.. I’m not sure if I was that unrealistic.. but I do know that I did not understand HOW MUCH you will have to change when you have kids..

I had friends that were pre-kid who swore up and down that they would still travel when they had kids. Then.. they didn’t even leave the house for months after the baby was born.  Bye Bye travel.

My big thing has been my “beauty routine”.  When I was younger I would have never left the home without make up or hair done. As a teenager my mom actually bought me hairspray by the gallon I went through it so fast (90′s big hair). Fast forward to me pairing down my make up from taking 15-20 minutes to 5 or less and the hat that is thrown on daily so I can look presentable!!

And while I still rarely leave with out make up, but it is still known to happen these days.

Well, there is always Sunday.. generally the hair does get done for church.  But hats are OK for ladies in church, right?

How has your life changed since kids?

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