Take Care of Your Kids BIG Messes Anywere with Angel Soft® To-Go Facial Tissues #Ad

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having kids is messy business.

Drippy noses.

Sticky messes.

Fingerprints EVERYWERE.

As a mom you are pretty much required to have tissues with you all ALL times.  If you don’t you pretty much know you are going to be in trouble for it.

Those mini packs of tissues are great, but they are not always enough.  So when I got a chance to test out Angel Soft® to-go facial tissues I knew I was testing a great product for moms like us.

I went to my local Walmart and snagged a package to try out. I think it is a great idea.


Angel Soft® to-go facial tissues are larger than the average purse sized tissue packs, in fact, they contain 7 times more facial tissues than the average competitor’s pack.  This is great to keep you from running out when you really need them.

Moms use tissues for most everything, dirty faces and noses, messes in the car, fingerprints on your cell phone or tablet, sometimes we even use them for snack “plates” when we don’t have a clean surface for our kids to eat on.


Throw Angel Soft® to-go facial tissues into your purse, glove box or diaper bag . You will find that they have water resistant packaging and do not crush easily.  I really liked how I did not have to worry about having a bulky box in the car that would just get crushed anyway.

I would encourage you to try them out, I think you will find that you love the larger size and you can be ready for anything!

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