Stress Management Techniques for Moms( part 6 of 10)

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We have been working through Stress Management Techniques for Moms. if you haven’t seen them yet check out tips 1&23&4  and 5 if you like!!)

Lol.. there have been days when my personal time was spend hanging out in the closet eating M&M’s.. (yeah.. I think we have all had days kind of like that). But in all seriousness, we need to take care of ourselves, and taking personal time is NOT a luxury. It is necessary so you can stay mentally healthy for yourself and your family.

“She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along.” -Margaret Culkin Banning

We all know this, but I think sometimes we forget and get wrapped up with the day to day activity.. but you can’t just go, go, go! Just by taking a little break each day you can recharge and make yourself that much more efficient.

Hear are a few ideas for taking time for yourself (leave your ideas in the comments):

  • Sit down and eat your lunch and don’t do anything else. Eat mindfully and enjoy your food and quiet time. Enough of this eating over the sink ;)
  • Go for a walk. It can clear your mind and energize the body (it’s OK to take the dog, but not the kids)
  • Sit down and relax (what?? what is this word, relax??). Read a few articles in a magazine or do a few yoga stretches.
  • Take a bubble bath,do your nails, give yourself a facial.
  • Pick up some relaxing music and pair with any of the above!

relaxing music

These things just take a few minutes.  After you perfect these, move onto bigger things.  You might want to take a painting or exercise class, hang out with a girlfriend, go see a show with your mom. Find things that are just for you, that YOU love and want to do.. pamper yourself just a little.

Find a way.. even if it ends up only being 5 minutes.. it’s a good start.

Stress Management Techniques

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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