Spring Clean Your Babies and Kids Closets for Consignment Cash

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mommy-walking-baby-1331087-mbvI love spring. The birds, the flowers, the warmer weather… the opportunity to turn my spring cleaning efforts into much-needed moola!

Seasonal decluttering may not be your thing (no judgment here), but it certainly is worth your while when it comes to stockpiling a stash to sell at children’s consignment sales. Your kiddos’ too-small clothes and shoes, those toys that haven’t seen the light of day since Christmas, all are consignment sale gold.

With the spring children’s consignment sale season underway, now is a great time to join the moneymaking movement that is resale. Not sure where to begin? Here’s a step-by-step process that will help you bring home some “green” by consigning this spring:

#1: Seek a Sale – Research your area consignment sales to see which offers the best split to the seller (70-80% is ideal), draws significant traffic and has earned kudos from past shoppers. Some sales even offer consignors increased percentage returns for volunteering to work a sale shift.

#2: Declutter & Collect – Tackle your kids’ closets and toy chests. Seek out the clothes and shoes they’ve outgrown and the toys that have lost their interest. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the stash you gather and the extra storage space left behind.

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#3: Prepare to Present – Just because your items aren’t new, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look it. Launder and iron all of the clothes you’ll consign. Toys should be clean and include all parts and batteries—if it’s supposed to play music or move, it better perform!

#4: Tag & Price Them – Unlike traditional consignment stores, consignment sales ask you to price and tag the items you will consign. It’s worth your time, as you’ll earn a higher percentage back on the things you sell—consignment stores only offer 30-50% returns, while sales offer as much as 80%! Not sure how to price? Try 1/3 of what you paid at retail or check out the ConsignmentMommies.com Pricing Guide for more help.

#5: Drop Them Off – Once your items are tagged, priced and perfectly presented, load them into your van and drop them off at the sale location. The sale organizer will takeover from there.

#6: Get Paid – Most sales will mail or direct deposit your check within two weeks of the sale—that’s a quick payday for you!

This is a guest Post by Chrissy Freeman, Consignment Mommies founder.

For more information about selling on consignment or to research area children’s consignment sales, visit ConsignmentMommies.com.  Chrissy Freeman is the founder of ConsignmentMommies.com, the leading online resource for all things kids consignment. Freeman launched ConsignmentMommies.com in 2009 to empower moms to help other moms save and make money through children’s consignment. Today, ConsignmentMommies.com features a national directory with more than 1,700 sales and 750 stores rated and reviewed by actual shoppers and sellers. The site has become the go-to-source for shoppers and consignors to get advice and share ideas.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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