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swan0226I’m a healthy eater.

Yup, there you go.

But it was not always that way. Growing up I ate a lot of processed foods. I came home from school and a squished up snack cakes in milk (gross, I know!). I ate cereal after dinner, sugary breakfasts. Then came college and the abundance of food in the cafeteria was crazy, I definitely gained the freshman 10.

Then I got a little older and those foods were just not working for me anymore. I didn’t feel right. So I started learning more about eating healthy, and not just the low fat craze or some fad.. eating REAL food. You know, the good stuff, fruits, veggies, grass feed meats and all that jazz. I don’t always eat organic and grass fed but I do try to eat as many whole foods as I can.

My mom (who lives only a few minutes from us) also came on board, she was tired of, well, basically feeling tired .  So we joined forces in eating healthy and researching new ways of being fit. It was a whole new world.

I can’t say that I don’t look back on junk food fondly, I do sometimes. That food is made to taste good and it’s fun. To be honest, I still want to eat it sometimes, and there are rare occasions that I just might. But to be honest, most of the time the memories are better than the actual food. It’s funny how that works.

These days my mom brings me fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juices, encourages me to eat organic when I can and basically keeps me on track.

Eating healthy makes me feel better and enjoy life more.

I love it. I love her.

Her support is invaluable.

Check out some of my favorite healthy recipes from Frugal Living Mom.


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