So What’s Buried in the Back of Your Freezer?

Photoxpress_47168751OK- I will admit it- I am not the most organized. A few scary places in my house are: 1. My desk 2. My Pantry and 3. My Freezer.

If you haven’t noticed I like to save money- so stocking up is a big part of my life- the problem- I kind of loose track of it all. And finding a once nice piece of meat at the back of my freezer that is now white and covered in ice is not frugal- not to mention disappointing!!!

So about a week a go I made a goal to make a go at going through what was in the pantry and freezer- without buying new items to replace anything. Overall I am exited to say that I have done well- it is getting much easier to see what is in there.

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Today I did go to the store but I mostly bought some bread and fruit (and I do admit to some maple syrup- but we ran out and I want to use up some flour from the pantry by making pancakes- so I figured it was OK).

I think trying to do this maybe once a month- or every other, would be a great idea. This way we actually use up some of those items we got such a great deal on. And it gets the creative juices going to have to use what you have on hand.

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