6 Apps for Your Smartphone That Save Big Money on Groceries

6-appsYes, it’s true, we are in the technology age where eventually every coupon will be electronic and you’ll have robots ringing you up at the register. Okay, so maybe not robots, but we are in the era of electronics which means more ways to coupon.

First off, you know you can read my site on your smartphone much easier now, right? If you don’t know then pull it up on your phone and see how awesome it looks. And it’s so incredibly easy now to go through the store coupon match ups while you’re at Walgreens or wherever to make sure you got all the best deals.

There are a few apps. that I love and some readers have mentioned that you may want to check out!

Key Ring App. – This app. makes it so much easier to scan your loyalty card at the checkout counter. No more being hassled by a bulky load of cards on your key ring or digging through your wallet to find it. You simply scan your card’s barcode with this app and it stores it. So next time you’re at the counter you can easily pull up the store and the barcode is displayed on your phone to be scanned. I’ve used this at both Rite Aid and CVS so I know the scanner works great, however it does not work on the CVS Coupon Kiosks.

Cellfire App. -This is great for stores like Kroger and others that currently accept ecoupons. Now you can easily and quickly add the coupons onto your loyalty card through the app. So when you find a deal while you’re in store you can get the coupon loaded before you hit the checkout counter.

Grocery Pal. – Check your local stores to see what’s on sale for the week. Plus you’re able to add coupons to your store loyalty cards, compare prices on particular products and create your own shopping list based on what’s on sale.

GeoQpons App. – Shopping app with offers and coupons from local stores around you. Search for the store you want or find one near you and simply show the displayed coupon at checkout to get your discount. You can also save coupons onto your calendar so you know when they expire or email them to yourself so you have them later.

and two more apps which offer Cash Back on your Grocery (and sometimes Restaurant) purchases.

Sign up for them today! And start saving more money

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  1. karie says

    Walmart app. If you shop ther, enter the number on the bottom of your receipt into the app ..it will search ads in the area and if it finds any lower advertised prices it will give you the difference on a gift card. Easy money.

  2. Laurel L. says

    Thank you, Kari! I may need a different smart phone, though!!! I have many problems using apps on my LG smartphone and therefore don’t use them. I use my calculator that is on my phone. And the alarm clock. Not too much else.

  3. Debbie says

    Just FYI, the Wal-Mart scan for price matching doesn’t match everything. Read the fine print and take your sales adds with you.

  4. Amanda says

    Also, there’s a SNAP by Groupon app. It works just like Checkout 51, but has different offers. You upload your receipt, select the offers that are on the receipt, and BAM – money in your account! And just like Checkout 51, you can’t request your money until you hit a certain amount (I think $20). That’s the only downside.
    There is also SavingStar – a website where you enter your loyalty card and load offers onto it. These don’t interfere with your coupons or anything else. The savings isn’t at the register, but kind of like Checkout 51 – it will save it to your account. You can request a payout for as little as $5 in the form of Paypal or a check, or direct deposit to your bank account.
    Both of these are super easy to use! I like the SavingStar, because I can do it from my computer. I don’t have a smartphone, so I made hubby downloads the other apps on his and then have to steal it after each shopping trip to upload the receipts.

  5. Michal says

    Receipt Hog is a great app to upload receipts and earn money. You choose PayPal or an Amazon gift code. I’ve been using it for almost a year and so far I’ve earned $40 for my receipts. Also earn extra points by completing surveys.


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