Six Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes


 This great holiday post is thanks to a reader (but those are my cuties in the photo)!

You don’t always have to pay full price for a Halloween costume, in fact growing up my parents never paid full price for a costume for me and I didn’t notice a difference! Here are a few great tips on how to save on Halloween Costumes this year.

1. Make Your Own

You don’t have to be an expert on sewing to make your own costume, in fact it’s super easy to piece together just about anything if you’re creative enough!

Use a costume from a school play – If your child has been in a school play then you already have a costume premade ready to go! I remember when I was younger my older brother had a big blue costume with a hoola hoop in it, I cannot remember exactly what the outfit was for to be honest. But I know my mom and I bought a clown wig and used that outfit to make me a big blue clown for Halloween!

Piece Together Different Pieces – If your child wants to go as a ghost, instead of buying a costume check your closets for pieces of clothing that could make up this costume. And we all know a sheet with some holes cut out is the cheapest and best way to make a ghost costume!

Create your own from scratch – If you know how to sew then you can create your own from scratch! Look online for costumer patterns and create one that way, you will spend half as much if not less than you would on a premade costume from the store.

2. Use Dress Up Clothes

Most little girls have a ton of dress up clothes that they like to wear, from princess costumes to the little plastic slip on high heels. Why not use these to create a Halloween Costume out of? You can even hit up the local dollar store to find cheap dress up accessories to top the outfit off.


3. Buy a Used Costume

One reader mentioned that she purchased Halloween costumes at the thrift store for just $1 for her kids, this is an awesome idea! Most families only use a costume once and then discard it and buy new next year. Well when the costume is only worn once it typically shows no sign or wear or tear. So check your local thrift store or consignment shop for a used costume this year, you may be surprised at what all you find!


4. Reuse a Costume From a Prior Year

If you have an older child you can always reuse their costume for one of the younger kids! And you can always change out the accessories to make it new to the younger child so they still feel unique in the costume.


5. Swap Costumes With Friends

Check with some friends who have children around the same age as yours and see about swapping costumes together! This is a fantastic way to save money on a costume and still give your child their own unique and special look.


6. Shop The Clearance Rack After Halloween

This is how I buy all my seasonal decorations and is a fantastic way to buy costumes also! After Halloween is over they mark down costumes to 50% or even 75% off making them a fantastic deal. So check your local clearance rack after the holidays to see what costumes your child would wear the following year and pay little out of pocket for it! But make sure it is a costume that the child will like the following year, Sponge Bob Square Pants might be popular this year but maybe not the next. However Disney Princess and Spiderman are classics!

And like I mentioned, I do this for my seasonal decorations, so while you’re there check out the seasonal decor and stock up for the next year on it!

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