Secrets to Getting the Lowest Price on Airline Tickets

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getting-the-lowest-prices-on-airline-ticketsFlying is a necessary part for many people who want to take a vacation. If you’re not careful, though, airline flights can easily eat up a huge part of your budget. The airline industry can be very good at getting you to spend too much on tickets. Next time you’re looking for a good flight deal, keep these tips in mind!

Buy Early, but Not Too Early
You may be tempted to buy your tickets far in advance and put it out of your mind. However, buying more than a month in advance can cost you big time. If you buy more than four weeks ahead of time, prices are typically locked at a high rate. Buying three to four weeks in advance may save you the most money. Waiting until the last minute to book your flight can be more expensive, so avoid this trap as well.

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Stay Flexible with Your Flight Dates
It’s likely that you have a little bit of wiggle room in your travel dates. Don’t be locked into flying in on a Monday and leaving on a Friday. Instead, keep your dates flexible when you start looking at ticket prices. Search engines will look for flights in your general time frame that are more affordable.

Follow Social Media
Most airline companies have social media nowadays. Following them on Twitter or Facebook can help you find out about deals more quickly. Doing a quick scroll through your Facebook feed before buying tickets may help you save hundreds of dollars on your booking!

Drive a Little Farther
Unless you absolutely have to fly out of and into specific airports, you may want to drive a bit more to get to a smaller airport. Flights that leave and arrive at smaller airports tend to be less expensive, often saving you money even when you count in the extra fuel you use.

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Use Skiplagged
This is actually a little controversial but a site called¬† Skiplagged finds you find discounted flights by using something called “hidden city” ticketing. Basically you choose a cheaper flight that included a layover at the destination you want to end at.¬† You will take your flight and then disembark at the layover location and do not complete your flight. This method will only work for one way tickets and you can’t check your bags.

Flying is a convenient way to save time on your next vacation. What’s your favorite tip for saving money on vacation?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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