Save Over $54.79 Every 6 Months by Replacing an Old Washer

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Save $50Need another good reason to replace an old washer?

When you replace a washer that is pre 1994 you will save over $54.79 twice a year due to energy savings.

The actual savings is $110 a year!!

How are you saving (around) $54.79 everyday, every week or month?  We would love to hear your money saving tips.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Janis says

    Our savings plan in no specific sequence…
    YOU MUST KNOW PRICES on the items you purchase regularly or you’ll lose big time!
    1. We stock up on non-perishable food when it’s on really low sale prices, never buying anything at regular price.
    2. We purchase our bread/bakery products from the Brownberry/Sara Lee/Entenmann’s store with their coupons, often paying at least 75% off. What I don’t purchase there I bake myself, most often from scratch.
    3. I keep a “price” book in my handbag so I know where to purchase items we use regularly at the very lowest prices (Sam’s, Costco, Walmart, grocery store, etc.) Beyond that you have to learn which items at Costco go on sale every other month and buy only when on sale. What you can save is nearly amazing.
    4. I stopped using any and all disposable cleaning products like Swiffers. I do use a small quantity of paper towels. We even purchased a non-stick tray for our toaster oven so we could quit lining the old one with aluminum foil.
    5. I use only containers with covers (real Tupperware) in the refrigerator which eliminates the need for wraps and plastic bags. Tupperware IS expensive but does keep food longer than any other containers. It’s well worth the one-time investment, confirmed by Consumer Reports.
    6. We purchased a vacuum sealer which paid for itself in a very short time. No more freezer burned meats, moldy cheese, soft grapes, etc. It also allows us to keep frozen foods for a VERY long time and still have them look like the day we bought it. To save further we use canning jars whenever we can to avoid paying the high price for the bags, which (by the way) are washable and reusable. The jars also hold their seal better than the canisters sold as attachments for the machines.
    7. We go to movies on Friday afternoon when seniors pay $4.50 and popcorn is $2.50. They also have a movie club with four movies offered for $5.00 all day/night on Wednesdays and Thursdays for people of any age. Beyond that we carry in our own soft drinks and sometimes other treats.
    8. We use but only purchase coupons for restaurants we are familiar with and know we enjoy. Early bird specials don’t appeal to us as we eat at around 7-7:30p.
    9. We periodically check prices at other grocery stores to ensure we’re still shopping at the best location. Example: There was a chain in our area that always called themselves “the low price leader” and they were. Now-a-days… they’re the most expensive in town but most people don’t have a clue because they don’t shop around.
    10. We never do all of our shopping at just one store. We know what we buy at the various chains and always check our receipts before we leave. There are almost always some items that ring at regular price instead of the sale price or prices that are just wrong. Beyond that is something most people do not know… not all locations of a given chain charge the same at all locations. It depends what is located nearby – their competition. And the price differences are often HUGE. We shop at one Target where the sale prices advertised in the newspaper are often their regular prices. Lift that little sale sign and check to see what the difference is between the regular and sale price! Then check another location. You’ll be amazed.
    11. I buy most of my meat early in the morning at Sam’s Club. A day before “expiration” they mark their meat down and the selection is always best early in the morning because it goes fast. Some days it looks terrific and others, not so much. I’m fussy so I buy when it looks good. With a huge supply in the freezer there is rarely anything I really need NOW. I find the meat quality at Sam’s to be excellent, even better than our high-priced grocery stores.
    12. For clothing we try to buy basic items at the end of the season for 60% off. That would include things like polo shirts for my husband and other items that don’t go out of style. In season I look for 50% off, except for a special item now and then.
    13. We do a lot of on-line purchasing to avoid sales tax and often find much lower prices. Many places, like Amazon, offer free shipping.

    I could go on and on but I think you’ve got the idea. We’ve almost turned it into a game/challenge and it’s not because we have to. It’s fun if you look at it the right way.

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