Save $54.79 (or more) Every Month By Packing a Lunch

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Photoxpress_6075310bcMost of you know that packing a lunch can save you money, but I always think being reminded of these little savings is a good thing.

I think you could save quite a bit more than $54.79 a month by packing a lunch, but prices vary. Lunches out could range from a few dollars at a fast food place or $10 or more at a nicer restaurant.

The lunch you pack is probably going to cost in the range of $1-3.

I also like that packing your own lunch can help you family cut down on food waste.. since it is super easy to just pack up last nights leftovers for today’s lunch.

How much has your family saved by packing lunches for work or school. And please share your ideas on keeping that lunch interesting!

Savings: $54.79 a month (or way more)

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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