Save $54.79 Every Two Months: Visit Your Local Library!

We all know that e-readers and tablets have become a wonderful convenience. There is nothing better than to have instant access to a new book, magazine, movie, or song even with just the push of a button. But while this convenience is wonderful and time saving, it is also costing you a pretty penny! Just think what you could save if you skipped downloading new items onto your e-reader for just two months out of the year, and visited your local library instead?

Many people do not realize the many conveniences local libraries are offering this day, or the vast selection of new releases they continue to stock. Because of this, you can save $54.79 every two months by just hitting up your local library instead of downloading to your e-readers or tablets. Here’s how!

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If you are an avid reader, you may download 4 books per month, or one book per week. Adult titles can run anywhere from .99 to $5.99, sometimes more. Let’s find a happy medium and say each of these books costs you $2.99.  That is $12.00 a month you are spending on book downloads, or $24.00 every two months.

Now let’s factor in music. Most song downloads are .99 each, and albums around $9.99 each. Let’s say you download ten songs a month. That’s $10.00 a month or $20.00 every two months.

Last but not least, movies. Prices are all over the board here. But let’s suppose you buy two movies at the cost of $9.99 each, or pay for two months of movie streaming at $8.00 each. You are going to spend as much as $20.00 every two months for movies.

In the end, your books, music, and movies can cost you as much as $64.00 over the course of two months, and that is being conservative. You may spend more than this if multiple people in your home use the device.

But the good news is, your local library is here to help! If you think it is a hassle to pay your library a visit and search for what you want, just visit them online. Many allow you to reserve items online and they are ready for you at the front desk upon your arrival. No waiting or searching. You can also reserve the hottest new releases before they even come out so you can be sure to have a copy on hand when you want it. Movies and music at most libraries are free as well, or are a vary nominal fee. Most libraries will check out children’s or instructional movies for free and charge less than a dollar for adult movie rental. Now that is a great value!

If you organize your want list ahead of time, you can easily reserve your items and get away with one trip to the library a month to take care of your reading, listening, and watching needs. The hour or so it takes you to run in and pick your items up can easily save you at least $54.79 every two months. That is well worth it!

So happy reading AND saving! Visit your local library today and start saving!

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  1. Jennifer says

    Most libraries have kindle lending books now. There are also several websites that sign u up for free and discounted kindle books available to the public in a daily email. I haven’t spent over 10 dollars in the past year and now own over 500 books including cookbooks, fiction, nonfiction, do it yourself, and books on being frugal.

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