Save $54.79 Every Two Months Just by Conserving Water

Conserving WaterDid you know you could save up to $354 a year just by conserving water?  Follow these simple steps to keep your money from going down the drain:

  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth- this saves  $11 a year and 240 gallons a month
  • Only run the washing machine when it’s full- saves $8 a year and  2130 gallons a year
  • Install a low-flow showerhead- saves 50 gallons per shower and $271 a year (wow!!).  Note- looks like you could spend under $10 to save up to $271 a year..
  • Wash all your dishes first.. then do one rinse afterward- Save 10 gallons a wash and $27 a year
  • Fix all your household leaks- saves 10,000 gallons a year and $37

total- $354 a year.. that’s almost $1 a day

Info source: Woman’s Day April 2012.  Numbers are based on a family of 4

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  1. Diana Lee says

    During the summer months I keep a dishpan in my kitchen sink to catch all the water that we use washing our hands or rinsing something. When the pan is full I use it to water my
    outside plants. You will be amazed at how much water you can catch this way.

  2. says

    As cool as these are, my water bill for the YEAR is never more than $200. This is for a family of 5. Not sure if it’s the fact I have a front loader & only use the dishwasher (with my kids doing dishes, it saves water) is a factor or not. Most showers are less than 10 min (except my husband, go figure). Even when we had a pool a couple of summers ago, the bill for filling it was still less that $40 for that month.

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