Save $54.79 a Month: Skip Two Fancy Coffee Drinks per Week

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We all know how easy it is to swing through your local coffee shop and order your favorite coffee drink. As soon as you walk in the place smells amazing, your senses take over, and next thing you know you are ordering a grande latte with skim milk and extra foam. Oh, and of course you have to throw a banana nut muffin in there to go with it. Before you know it, your coffee run just cost you $7.00!

Suppose you do this twice a week. A large coffee with the fixings and a side bakery item are going to run you around $7.00 or more. So your average spent in a week on your caffeine fix is $14.00. Over the course of four weeks (and just think, some months have five!) you are going to spend $58.00 on coffee and side snacks.

So now you might be saying, “But I don’t buy the side muffin, I just hit up the drive through!” Ok, well suppose you just buy the coffee drink at $5.00 a pop, twice a week. That is still spending $40 a month on coffee. Yikes!

By cutting out those two fancy coffee drink trips a week, you can easily save $54.79 a month or more. The best part is, you don’t have to feel like you are sacrificing! You can still enjoy plenty of home brew blends that taste just as yummy for around $1.00 per serving. You can also add flavored creamers or some of the yummy flavored toppings now available for you to fix up your own fancy drinks right at home. Invest in a fun travel mug so you can take your creation with you, and be less inclined to make a quick drive through stop.

That $5.00 coffee drink may give you a jolt, but just think how saving $54.79 by skipping it each week will energize you!

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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