Save $50 a Month: Master the Art of the Early Bird!

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Save $50 a Month: Master the Art of the Early Bird!You may have heard the saying that the early bird catches the worm. Well, this saying is true!

If you are looking to save more money in your day to day activities, then being an early bird is a simple way to do it. Early birds know that good deals are to be found when you act fast and beat the crowds. This includes but is not limited to restaurants and movie theaters. In both situations, by taking advantage of these services earlier in the day you can save some serious cash. Want to know more? Here is how to save $50 a month when you master the art of the early bird!

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Enjoy the movies?

You know that a movie ticket can run as much as $12.00 a person. But did you know many movie theaters offer early bird specials? Grab a flick before the designated time, usually anywhere from 2-4 p.m., and you can save half! Many theaters will offer tickets as low as $5.00 a piece when you visit during one of theses earlier times. They may also offer food and drink specials. If a family of four hits an early bird movie twice a month in place of a later show, you save $56.00 a month!

Like to dine out?

Who doesn’t? Dining out is relaxing and tasty! If you enjoy a great meal out, why not enjoy a late lunch instead of visiting during the dinner hour? Many eateries offer early bird specials or will allow you to order from a less expensive lunch menu if you dine before 4 p.m. You might also enjoy happy hour prices on drinks, saving you half off or more. You can still get a filling meal with all of the fixings but for much less if you visit during lunch or early dinner hours as opposed to being a 6 or 7 p.m. customer. If a family of four saves $5.00 per meal by taking advantage of early bird specials, you have saved $20.00 plus tax per meal. Do this three times a month, and you have saved $60.00!

As you can see, being an early bird can save you big. Other places you can try snagging deals by jumping in early are vacation booking sites, concert halls, expos, and so many more. Try being an early bird a few times a month and see how the savings can add up for you!

You might just be surprised at how much you can save, and you might start to believe that yes, the early bird does get the worm!

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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