Round up of 15 Ways to Save $54.79

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Did you know that if you save $54.79 everyday that it adds up to about $20,000 a year.. that is a ton of money!!

Here are 15 ways that you can do just that!! Maybe you can fit some of them in your life!

  1. Save $54.79 a Month: Try Cooking in Bulk and Cook Up Some Savings!
  2. Save $54.79 Every Month By Snipping and Subbing Your Cable Plan!
  3. Save $54.79 Every Two Months: Visit Your Local Library!
  4. Save $54.79 a Month: Skip Two Fancy Coffee Drinks per Week
  5. Save $54.79 Every Two Months Just by Conserving Water
  6. Make $54.79 (or more) Every 6 Months: Recycle
  7. Save $54.79 a Month (or more): Start Shopping at the Thrift Store
  8. Save $54.79 (Or More) a Month: Pack Your Own Lunch
  9. Save $54.79 (or more) every 4 Months: Collect Your Spare Change
  10. Save $54.79 a Year (or more) :Try Using Less Laundry Detergent
  11. Save $54.79 a Month (or More): Check out Freecycle
  12. Save $54.79 (or more) Per Year: Get Your Hair Cut Less Often
  13. Save $54.79 a Month (or More): Trade Off Babysitting with Friends
  14. Save Over $54.79 Every 6 Months by Replacing an Old Washer
  15. Keep Your Old Car and Save Over $54.97 Every Two Weeks

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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