How to Roast a Pumpkin

How-to-roast-a-pumpkinThis is a guest post from Sara at at Your Thriving Family.

This is something to do on a day you are home for a good portion of the day. Doesn’t have to be closely watched, but will take some attending to here and there. Roasting a whole pumpkin was a little more complicated than the times I have roasted an acorn squash for yummy muffins. But, it started out the same way.

  • Preheat the oven to 400*
  • Cut in half and scrap out the seeds, don’t worry too much about getting all that stringy stuff out, you can always pull it off after it has cooked.
  • Place open side down on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil (this will help with clean up). Also, it will help it steam.
  • Roast for 90 minutes, remove and let cool for at least twenty minutes so you don;t burn your fingers. By the way, the caramelization (black part) is good, it creates flavor -(just don’t go to the point of burning it).
  • Once cooled a bit scrape out all the flesh, it is a bit easier while still warm. Remember to pick off any of those really stringy bits you weren’t able to get before.
  • When cut into strips you should be able to just peel off the skin and then scrap the super tender stuff off right next to the skin.

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At this point if you were doing a small gourd or squash you’d be done! But guess what? A pumpkin is a bit bigger. So, I am sure as you have been scraping there were point where you hit some hard bits of flesh. Put is all in your biggest pot (with whatever drippings were on your foil – DO NOT add water). Let it simmer over low for a couple hours, going back every once in a while stirring/mashing with your wooden spoon. Once it all seems tender you are ready to portion out.

I conveniently had some 8 and 16 ounce containers, so those are all filled up and ready to go into the fridge to cool before they go in the freezer. Remember to make them with what it is and the date! I would suggest using with in the next 3 months. I ended up with six 8oz, a 16 oz and the 6 oz I will use in muffins tomorrow.

I did not puree it yet. If I end up using it in bread or soup I would want the added texture. But if using in a pumpkin pie of course I would want it as smooth as possible! 15oz at the store for $3 to $4 OR 70oz $3 to $6 depending on the sale you find.

Happy roasting! And making yummy pumpkin inspired yumminess!

Sara is a full-time mama, wife, homemaker, doula, Theatre Tech and adjunct, and spends her little free time blogging for other mamas. She blogs over at Your Thriving Family.

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