Regrowing Celery (FFD Family Experiment)

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Regrowing CeleryRegrowing Celery is all over Pinterest.  It looked cool and we had celery.. so why not?

And look at it.. it grew!!  I have not gotten it into the ground yet and I really need to.  To get to this point, though,  it only took a couple weeks in my sunny kitchen window.

And this is all it took:

1. Cut off the bottom of your celery stalk (2-3 inches)
2. Slice just a little off the bottom (the root end.. it’s probably brown and if you slice a bit off its going to soak up more water)
3. Place in a small cup with just a little water (I replaced the water every day or two)
4.  Let grow for a couple weeks and it should look like mine.
5. Plant outside in your garden or in a small pot with dirt
6. It takes between 120-140 days for celery to reach maturity

Good luck.. let me know if you try it!!

(and here are some more tips on growing your celery)

Regrowing Celery


This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Pat Pattillo says

    I have donethis many time and it really works. It is a fun thing for children because they always get results.

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