Printable coupon for Florastor probiotic- save $7

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Been interested in trying a probiotic?

You can save $7.00 on Florastor® probiotic (Good only at CVS®, Rite Aid®, Walgreens®, and Walmart®)

That coupon does not seem to be available anymore- but you can pick up one for $2 off right here.  Or check to see if Ebay has any available.

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. send info to my home so i can print coupon since i can not access at work thanks

  2. The coupon is for $2. I couldn’t find anything to equal a $7 savings in CVS ads. Can you tell me how to get the $7 savings?

  3. frugal jen says:

    The coupon probably changed- you have to get on deals quick :(


  4. I started taking florastor when I had coupons for 5.00 and 7.00 off. Now that I am only getting 2.00 coupons I can’t afford it. Can you help!!!

  5. frugal jen says:

    I think you may just have to search out a different brand :(


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