PineSol and Reading Is Fundamental Children’s Book Giveaway

Did you love to read as a kid?  Do your children?  I really enjoy that we have been able to pass a love of reading on to our two girls.  They absolutely adore reading and I hope that they will when they are adults.  Pine-Sol® has had the chance to partner with Reading Is Fundamental and are sponsoring a great give away today.

Recently there was a study that associated a clean smelling home with higher academic achievement.  You can go here and find out a bit more about that. I think that is pretty cool and with new Garden Fresh™ Pine-Sol® cleaner & Outdoor Fresh™ Pine-Sol® cleaner- you and I can have cleaner smelling homes, too. If you want to try either of these new scents you can go here to pick up a $1 coupon.

Pine-Sol® is donating $40,000 to Reading Is Fundamental, and for every two “Likes” in March that the Pine-Sol’s Facebook page gets they will donate a book to Reading Is Fundamental, up to 5,000 books.

In addition,  to celebrate Pine-Sol®’s partnership with Reading Is Fundamental and National Literacy Month we are giving away 3 wonderful children’s books and little Pine-Sol® tote bag to give away to one of FFD’s readers.  My children loved them all and I am sure yours will, too.

If you win you will receive : My People ( illustrated by Charles R. Smith, Jr), The Lion & the Mouse (by Jerry Pinkney) and The Dot (by Peter H. Reynolds) and the Pine-Sol® tote bag.

There are a couple ways to win (make sure you make a separate comment for each):

1. (required) Leave a comment on what you think about the new study that says that children who reside in clean smelling homes perform higher academically.
2. Get a second entry by subscribing to our email or feed (let us know in a comment that you did so or are already signed up.)

This giveaway ends quickly on March 31, 2010 and we will choose 1 winner from the comments and we will send you your lovely prize!!

Fine print- here at FF&D we want to play fair and have fun- so no cheatin’. If we think something is up your entry may be taken out the running. This decision is solely up to our judgment.

Rules: One entry per household. USA only

This post was sponsored by Pine-Sol and compensated through the Mom Bloggers Club member program.  Any views expressed are my own.

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  1. Darlene says

    I find it amazing that a study could show that children who live in a clean-smelling home would perform better academically. I would think that a clean home, regardless of its smell, would have produced a similar outcome.

  2. lisa says

    I used to love Pine-Sol, but for some reason got away from using it. If the “clean” smell of Pine-Sol will help my children do even better in school, I will certainly go back to using it. I love the “clean” smell as well, and if I can get a nicer smell, like those Pine-Sol offers, over the “bleachy clean” smell, I can’t wait to use it!

  3. g says

    I always loved the smell of my mom washing the floors with pinne sol! I miss that smell that cleaners don’t have now a days. I’m a teacher in a low income area and can definitely see a correlation with clean smelling (or just clean) household and academics. I’d love to have the books for my kids.

  4. Kathy Hall Wallen says

    I know when I read outside, I seem to absorb what I am reading. So, it makes perfect sense that if a child is reading in a great smelling environement then they are bound to get more from their reading. PineSol products make the environement better smelling.

  5. Kathy Hall Wallen says

    I am already subscribe to FF&D emails and just love the savings that I find. Thanks for a job well done.

  6. Jennifer Brown says

    84% is a high percentage of those honor achieving high schoolers to associate their homes with a clean smell. Not surprising though :) I love the way a clean home smells too!

  7. Debi says

    I think that, like with many other studies, the clean home – educational connection is more of a common characteristic than a causal factor. Generally, I would imagine a clean home to be a much more orderly environment, which would lend itself to success in all areas.

  8. maria B says

    I think the study is interesting and it makes sense to me. I always use PineSol and my child is doing well academically….maybe that’s part of it! Sounds good to me. I would love to win this giveaway. Also, I already subcribe to this feed.

  9. says

    it makes sense because families who work to keep a clean home are probably more likely to encourage their kids to study. lazy people probably have dirty homes and dont help their kids study.

  10. Kristen says

    I think a home with parents who are disciplined to clean would be a home where parents are disciplined to help their children succeed in school by teaching them life skills at home.

  11. Katy P says

    I think it is interesting- I would think though that having a clean home might go with having a home that smells clean- if it smells dirty- it probably is. Seems like coming from a clean home definitely would be an advantage.

  12. Jay says

    I think it could just be a link economically. Poor homes are clean as well but living conditions for education aren’t the highest.

  13. says

    I think that study was probably paid for by cleaning product companies. However, it makes sense that children who live in a clean home do better because they are less distracted.

    doodlebugsplanet(at) gmail (dot) com

  14. Karen Gonyea says

    I know that I have better days when I’m living in a clean and fresh environment…. so I bet this study has some truth to it !!

    ktgonyea at

  15. says

    I think it makes sense that children who come from homes that are clean & comfortable are academically more successful. When your surroundings are clean and pleasant you feel better abour yourself and your confidence is higher. So, it only follows that you will do better in school and life in general. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!

  16. Robin Pescador says

    I feel that if a child is in a clean envirement, they feel more secure and happy. If they are happy, then they can perform better in school and life. I know when my house is clean, it puts me in a better mood.

  17. Robin Pescador says

    I am already signed up with both your email or feed. I have been for some time now, and really enjoy all the freebies and ideas…Thanks…

  18. angie kochubka says

    I think that a clean house would help any child do better acadamically. Clutter would make it hard to find a place to study.

  19. Becky says

    My house doesn’t always smell the best with it being a old house it smells musty some days, it smells like dirty diapers on other days and its not always spotless but my son does very good in school and has a 4.0 GPA right now, I think it has more to do with the whole environment the child is in and how involved the parents our in teaching there kids

  20. Marilyn says

    I’m not surprised by the results of the study, but I do find it interesting. It makes me think I should start cleaning around the house a little more. :)

  21. Lisa Landolfi says

    I am not surprised by the results, I have found as a teacher that by keeping my classroom clean and organized the children are less distracted and more relaxed.

  22. Pommymommy says

    I find it interesting that a clean smelling house has an effect on children’s academic progress. I know for me, I love it when my house smells clean. It brings a sense of calm and peace in knowing that your house is clean….and you can sit there and just enjoy the fresh smell for as long as your children and/or pets allow it to remain that way!!!

  23. Corrine says

    I think it is interesting that the clean smell of a home is related to how a child does in school. I think having a clean home is important but it is interesting that the smell matters so much.

  24. Hillary says

    Kids who grow up in a clean-smelling home also have parents who a) have the time to clean on a regular basis or b) have the money to pay someone to do so. And numerous both of these are known to correlate with higher academic stores, so this is probably a case of correlation, not causation.

  25. Robin G says

    I could believe that a healthier, clean home would provide students with a safe learning environment. Breathing fresh air is great for those brain cells! Keep on pine sol’ing

  26. Stacey says

    I’m not surprised by the study’s results. Dirty homes, really filthy homes in particular, are a symptom of other problems (neglect, poverty, etc) that would cause a child to do poorly in school.

  27. Michele says

    Interesting study and comments. I use Pine-Sol on the floors that I can anyhow. And I use other cleaning products elsewhere. I think a clean home leaves the occupants thereof feeling “better” about their environment- like when the sun shines so brightly.

  28. stacie says

    i guess a good smelling home might make a difference but a good clean smelling home is just nice and having children who love to read or read at all is very good too so i guess they go hand in hand

  29. Angela says

    I think scents have a lot to do with the way people feel. Aromatherapy has shown to produce calming results in people just as a clean smelling home would produce better academic results in children. Pinesol is a great way to freshen a home!

  30. Julie Shaver says

    I don’t know that I believe the new study about the correspondence between clean-smelling homes and performance in school…

  31. Ken D. says

    I tend to agree with the study; a clean, uncluttered and fresh smelling house lends itself to rub off on our psyche and our attitude towards work or school!

  32. Teresa Balderas says

    I’ve always felt like my home was really clean because I used Pine-Sol. I love the smell. To me, it says, “fresh & clean”. Great article! Not really surprising to me.


  33. Teresa Balderas says

    I’m already an FF&D subscriber. The first email that I read each day is yours. Thanks! I love the great deals and coupons. Thanks!

  34. debby says


  35. Kelly says

    I guess I can see both sides of the study. I would like to think that as long as my houseis clean it’s a good learning enviornment, but if your senses are arroused, you can consintrate better!?!

  36. Denise Heather says

    Maybe a clean house lends itself to fewer distractions while studying? I know when I work from home, I can easily get distracted by the “household things that need to be done”, perhaps when I’ve mentioned that in the past it has had an impact on my kids?

    And, currently an email subscriber. :-)

  37. Michelle Stewart says

    I love to read more about the study. That link was broken. I’m actually not surprise about the study.

  38. Tasha says

    I didn’t know there was a study proving it, but it doesn’t surprise me. Think about how distracting it would be to reside in a not-so-clean home. I didn’t know about the smell factor, though.

  39. anne says

    it makes sense that people with a clean smell around them are brighter. it would make them more stimulated. correct?

  40. Michelle Contini says

    Um I’m not 100% agreeing with that statement but I think there is some truth in it. I mean if you live in a good smelling or even neutral smelling home it’s easier to concentrate and study. But I know when I am anywhere that even has a slight peculiar smell that’s all I can think about and it really distracts me!

    I’m subscribed to your fb page…. Is that linked to the “feed”?

  41. Alyssa says

    The study gives you something to think about. A clean house can limit distractions or even anxiety. I, personally, like a clean work area before. Knowing that my house is clean helps me to relax and focus on my studies and work. Maybe it does the same for children.

  42. cheryl wheeler says

    I have used pine sol for years I trust it and with four kids, and a dog I need something that kills germs, is a product I can trust, and gives me a wonderful feeling of having a clean home. I love the compliments and it makes for a better day!


    Clean home = happy home. Kids will do better when people take care of themselves and their homes.

  44. Bahiya Smalls says

    I think the study is valid I often feel better at work or school when my home is clean and fresh.

  45. Susan says

    That woodsey Pinesol smell reminds me of my parent’s house growing up as a kid..and I love to read so I like the results of the survey! When my first son was born, I was told that it didn’t matter what you read to them, so when he was less than a week old I was reading outloud a Danielle Steel novel :) He’s quite the lady’s man at 6 years old (kidding), although he is also an avid reader.

  46. Kendell says

    How do they even come up with these ideas to even test them. I guess a clean smelling home would imply a clean home, though that is not always the case. But if your home is clean I think that goes hand in hand with working and organization and if that’s what you are instilling in your child, they would do well academically.

  47. Nancy VanDyke says

    When my daughter was still a baby, she would not take naps. So the pediatrician suggested I still and read to her. I read Grimm’s fairy tales. She has always loved reading and done quite well with her life. I think reading is so very important.

  48. Amanda Passmore says

    I’m not sure about this study. I know that scents impact us but I would think anything chemical, whether a good or bad smell, would be an unhealthy choice if it’s too overpowering.

    I am a happy subscriber. Thank you.

  49. mary says

    I’m not so sure about the clean-”smelling” thing, it CLEAN that counts the most. (aka, if you put a scented candle on top of that pile of junk, good luck.)

  50. Rebekah Mercier says

    I think this study is very interesting. I agree with many others that a clean home environment is always a better place for children to beable to learn and grow in so it seems that good smeels would help too ESP because of children using their other senses in soaking up new ideas


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