Organize Your Family’s Health Needs with Refill Reminders (and a DIY 1st Aid Kit) #Ad

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I think we can all agree that it is better to be more organized.  I am not the best at it, so I really need to have tools to help me out.

One really important area to be more organized in is yours and your family’s health.  In the past when we have had multiple prescriptions to fill on a monthly basis is has just been a bit of a mess.  You know the scene where you go to use you medication and you are out, and it is Sunday night!


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Seriously, this never has to happen to you again with the Auto Refill option and Refill Reminder Emails or Texts from or the #WalgreensRX App.

Life is busy and the last thing on your mind much of the time is medication.  So I am really glad that Walgreens is there to help us out in this area.  One of the things I was really impressed with is not only can you get auto refill, Walgreens also gives you Free Shipping on your Family Prescriptions.


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You can sign up or log into your Walgreens account and get your Prescription History and set up your Refill Reminders so you never get stuck!

I love being able to head to my local Walgreens to grab my prescriptions.  I have always found the lines to be shorter and the pharmacy workers to be much more helpful than other local pharmacies.  I am just too busy to wait 45 minutes in line for my medications so when Walgreens either offers a drive through or in-store option it makes for an easy errand.


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Another great organizational tool that Walgreens can help you with is putting together a simple first aid kit for your home.  It makes me so frustrated when my girls get hurt and I can’t find bandages or ointment.  When you have it all in one place you never have to be searching when there is an emergency.


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Shopping at my local Walgreens store the other day I was able to pick up everything I need to take care of the little boo-boos my kids get from time to time.


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What you need for a simple household first aid kit (note, this is a simple kit, you may want other items in a kit to be used outside the home or for camping):

  • Adhesive bandages with triple-antibiotic ointment on them
  • Sterile gauze pads and cloth adhesive tape
  • Sharp Tweezers
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • A pencil box or zipper bag to store your supplies

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I like this simple kit because it is safe enough for my older daughters to use with my supervision.  Some larger kits have other medication (like pain reliever) included which is great, but I would not feel comfortable letting my daughters use those.

Getting organized feels great, and if it can keep you healthier in the meantime, all the better.


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